Turning Left and Right?


Last week the boys from NASCAR were in the heart of “The California Wine Country”, and so was I!!!!!!   A former copilot of mine, Rory Womack, owns a Texaco Jiffy Lube and had a spare ticket to Infineon Raceway in his possession.      Remembering how much of a “red neck” that I am, he offered that ticket to me for the race.   So there I was sitting at the top of the hill in turn 2 for  the Save Mart 350 last Sunday!!!   Life was sooo good, the only thing missing in the ticket package was the wrist band to get me into the Texaco Havoline Hosptiality Suite.      That would have been too cool, since I had Juan Pablo Montoya for my pick!!!!!   Oh well, you can’t have it all.

It was a very exciting race for a road course, I think that was because it was a COT ( Car of Tomorrow) race.   Watching and listening to the different pit strategies made for an interesting and exciting race.   However, the traffic into and out of the race track made for another form of excitement, and I might add colorful language from the  spectators were included free of charge!!!!!

Here are the standings:

1.     Leon————13   (Again I picked the winner!!!!!!)

2.     Edie————-25

3.     Carolyn———28

4.     Jesse————38

5.     Jerry————46

6.     Carole———–52 (Picked  the winner)

7.     Scott————53

8.     Larry————55

9.     Zee————–58

10.   Lynette———60

11.   Jim————–62

12.   Karen———–64

13.   Richard———72

14.   Mark————84

15.   Jeremy———107

16.   Rick————108

Good Luck this week at Louden!!   It is also a COT race.

Blame it on the kidney stone!


Last week I had the opportunity/privildge to experience something that turned out to be extremely special to me.   I came home from a four day trip on Thursday the 7th of June  to find out that my oldest son, Jason, was suffering from a kidney stone.   I had heard all the horror stories from many people about the pain associated with these little rascals and hoped that this would not be the case for Jason!   Was I ever wrong!   Friday morning I got a phone call from Jason asking me to go to the store for him, which I kindly did.

When I got over to his apartment, I realized that he really needed to come home with me so that I could care for him until the following Tuesday when he was to under go surgery for kidney stone removal.   For the next eight (8) days I did my best to try to help him make it thru this ordeal.   Karen  was in Atlanta visting all her family, and it was just me to do all that was needed to be done!   It was scarey at first to think dear ol dad was going this all alone.

Through those eight days the conversations were many.   They ranged from family, politics,and  philosphy,we played Jeopardy and Cash Cab,  etc.    He asked some rather poignant questions that sometimes were very difficult to answer.   We laughed and sometimes we got emotional.   It  was  a rare opportunity to sit and talk to each other, man to man.   It is not often that parents have a week of quality one on one time with their adult  children.  

I came away with an enhanced view of what my oldest son had become, a sense of pride that somewhere, somehow, he got it!!!!!!!!!!   My heart  swelled with pride.  What started out to be a father’s obligation, turned out to be a priceless treasure!   So now you know why I started out  this blog with the phrase,”last week I had the opportunity/priviledge…”   It was an obligation that turned into an opportunity  of a lifetime!!

Michigan Results


The results are in!  

The race had the typical long green flag runs associated with Michigan International Raceway.   There were several strong competitors during the race, but Carl Edwards prevailed as the winner today.  


There has also already been an attack launched upon the new leader on the leader board!!   The new leader has been accused of being in “cohoots” with “BLACK MARKET BAUCUM”!!!   That accusation comes from his “best friend”, of all people!!!!!!!!   (The natives are restless!)

Next week is the  first of the two road courses on the circuit, Infineon Raceway in the heart of California’s wine country.   Who will rolL to victory there is a great mystery!   Will   Stewart or  Jeff Gordon win, both of those drivers are skilled road racers.   Will one of the hired guns, aka road race ringers, finally get to victory lane?????????   So far, the “ringers” have not done what they have been hired to do!!!!!!!   The waiting game will be over in just a few short days!!



1.     Leon————–12     (Picked the winner)

2.     Edie—————18

3.     Carolyn————21

4.     Jesse————–25

5.     Jerry—————36

6.     Larry—————38

7.     Lynette————-47

8.     Scott—————51

          Carole————–51(Picked the winner)

10.   Jim—————–56


12.   Karen—————58

13.   Richard————-65

14.   Jeremy————-70

15.   Mark—————-77

16.   Rick—————–92

PS   As you haved noticed there is a new feature on the standings.   I will let everyone know if there is anyone who picked the winner of the race.   That way it makes it easier to track for investgative purposes!!!!

The Pocono Rain!!

For the second week in a row rain played a decisive role in the outcome of the race.   It is that time of the year on the East Coast where thunderstorms cause havoc on plans.   The standings are still tight and there are ties at a couple of the positions.

It would appear that Hendricks Motorsports has figured out the Car of Tomorrow.   They are the class of NASCAR at the present.   Through the first 14 races it looks like Jeff Gordon is heading quite smoothly towards his fifth championship!!   But this is still too early in the season to crown the champ!!!!!   There has to be someone who can challange him outside of his teammates at Hendricks.

This week is Michigan, with its traditional long green flag runs.    Handling, suspension, and tire management are keys at Michigan to get to the end.   All that reminds me of the sayin’,”in order to finish first-you must first finish”!

Good Luck!


The Standings:

1.     Leon————-11

1.     Edie————–11

3.     Jim—————14

3.     Carolyn———–14

5.     Jessie————-18

5.     Lynette———–18

7.     Karen————-26

8.     Jeremy————28

9.     Jerry————–29

10.   Larry————-31

11.   Scott————-35

12.   Mark————–45

13.   Zee—————47

14.   Carole————-50

15.   Richard————51

16.   Rick—————-54  


It’s a Rainy Day In Dover!

Well race fans, the second segment is well on it’s way.   After the beating that we all took at the hands of Larry, I hope that things are a little tighter!!

Dover Results: