Brickyard 400


The results are in and the race was exciting!!   There were three people who picked the winner this week and, needless to say,  it tightened up and in some cases jumbled the standings once again!!   “The World’s Greatest Driver“( I believe that is what he thinks of himself), Tony Stwart had the strongest horse on Sunday and won the Bickyard 400.   It was a very exciting race with Harvick and JR also showing their muscle most of the day.   Next week it is back for the second race at Pocono.   Indy and Pocono have some   similarities.   Both are reasonably flat tracks and have very long straightaways.   The same strong horses from Indy just may prevail at Pocono as well.

The standings continue to  change, and there are a couple of tight areas.   From position 1 thru 7 there are only 23 points separating them.    From 8 thru 13 there are only 31 points between those people.  

So with four races left, it is time to figure out if you need a little wedge, or a track bar adjustment, possibly just two tires, do you get creative and work in the “grey areas“, or the ever risky “just gas and go”!!    Does anyone have “somethin’ for ’em”?????????

Good Luck at Pocono!

Please continue to work on your next segment picks and start thinking about your picks for the top 12!!

The Standings:

1.     Leon——————76

2.     Jesse—————–81 (Picked the winner)

3.     Scott—————–84

4.     Jim——————-91


6.     Carolyn————–95

7.     Jerry—————-99

8.     Carole————–106

9.     Lynette————-123

10.   Larry—————127 (Picked the winner)

11.   Mark—————133

12.   Jeremy————134

13.   Karen————-137

14.   Edie—————156

15.   Richard———–161

16.   Rick—————178 (Pick the winner)



Chicagoland Results


  • Joliet is a lighting fast mile and a half, slightly wierd shaped racing facility.   The front stretch is   “D” shaped and the back stretch is slightly curved, so that there is really no “straight-aways”!!
  • Everyone had a good week at the race track, with the exception of those who chose Jimmy Johnson and Kasey Kahne!   I express my condolences for those individuals!!!
  • The standings jumbled up some and got tighter in a few positions.   Mark picked his first winner and jumped up a few spots in the standings, congrats to him!   Positions 3-9 are only separated by 30 points.   Positions 9-13 are, likewise, only separated by 31 points!!   So there  is still time for “a run to the front”!!!!!
  • Next Sunday is a week off for NASCAR, so we have time to work on our next segment picks.   Please get them together and sent to THE NEW SHERIFF so  he can get everything put into Excel, ok???????????????


      The Standings:

1.     Carolyn————–56

2.     Leon—————–69

3.     Zee——————73

4.     Jesse—————-80

5.     Scott—————-81

6.     Jim——————83

7.     Lynette————-84

8.     Jerry—————97

9.     Carole————-103

10.   Karen————-124

11.   Larry————–126

12.   Mark————–129   ( Pick the winner)

13.   Jeremy———–131

14.   Edie————–134

15.   Richard———-151

16.   Rick————–177

Pepsi 400


Fantasy League Participants:

  • Last night’s Pepsi 400 was one of the closest races this year.   In fact if memory serves me right, it was even closer than this year’s Daytona 500!!!!!   Although this restrictor plate race didn’t have the traditional “Big One—–CRASH”, the last 15 laps were extremely exciting.   Could Kyle Busch (aka “I didn’t get any help from my teammates “WINER” and I will not be invited to the Monday morning Hendrick’s team meeting) pull of a historical double win in  the same  day( rained delayed Busch and the Nextel Cup race)??????   Did Jamie McMurray have “something for ’em” on the high side??????    Well, they traded the lead back and forth several times  in the last two laps.  
  • Let me tell you, Jamie Mc Murray did in fact “have something for ’em” on the high side!!!!   The margin of victory was——.005 of a second!   That would probably equate to about 3-5 inches traveling at 185 MPH!!!!!   WHAT A FINISH!!!!!  
  • Needless to say, the standings really got scrambled up this week.   The leader for the first half of this segment (ME)  took a big hit with, “my teammate tried to wreck me on Friday and finally did tonight” Tony Stewart!!!   Nobody was able to pick a winner this race, but the way the race played out, we were all winners!!!


1.     Carolyn———-37

2.     Jesse————48

3.     Leon————-62

4.     Jerry————-65

5.     Zee—————71

6.     Scott————-74

7.     Lynette———-76

8.     Jim—————80

9.     Edie————–98

10.   Carole———–101

11.   Karen———–105

12.   Larry————107

13.   Richard———115

14.   Jeremy———127

15.   Mark————128

16.   Rick————-145

The next race is at Chicagoland in Joliet, IL.   I was at the first Busch race there a few years ago and I will tell you that it is a very fast 1 1/2 mile track!!!   Good luck to all!!!

Louden, NH

Once again the COT (Car of Tomorrow) race has produced exciting racing to the checkered flag!   I personally can’t wait for next year when this car is in use completely!

The standings jumbled up a little again this week.   We have ties at two positions in the standings and the closeness in points between 4th and 11th means that there is still some jockeying going on!!!

Next week is Saturday night under the lights at Daytona and that says it all!!!   Jim and Edie will be sitting in the Nextel Tower high above the start-finish line for that race!!!!!   It just doesn’t get any better, race fans.   The Pepsi 400 signals the start of the second half of the race season, but more importantly there are  just 8 races left  to get into the top 12 positions and make “The Chase”!!

The Standings:

1.     Leon————–24

2.     Carolyn———–35

3.     Jesse————–43

4.     Jerry————–57

5.     Zee—————62


7.     Carole————63

8.     Larry————-64


10.   Lynette———-67

11.   Jim————–70

12.   Richard———-79

13.   Mark————-92

14.   Karen————95

15.   Rick————-109   (Picked the winner)

16.   Jeremy———-117