The New and Improved Bristol!


They said that Bristol couldn’t be more exciting.   But the resurfacing of that track has made a much more exciting racing facility than it used to be.   With the variable banking now there, it is no longer a single groove race track!!   There was side-by-side racing and even passing on the high side!!!!!!!  

The second segment “Chase for the Dough” just ended.   There were seven people that could have jumped into the lead and took all the “bacon”!   The difference between first and second place was only 2 points and the difference between third and fourth place was only  8 points!!!!   From first place to fifth place was separated by only  20 points!!!   I believe that this was the closest finish in the two years that we have been doing this.   It was very exciting for me each week to watch this battle brew.

Next week the 3rd segment starts and after the Richmond race —-“The Chase for the Cup”!   The seeding with the wins figured in will drastically change the top 12 for the beginning of the Chase.   The Penske boy( Mr. More Aerodynamic Ears aka Kurt Busch) and Mr. Gibbs’ driver(“I can beat them any day of the week” aka Tony Stewart) may have something for the Hendrick’s boys of Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson.   But don’t count out Mr Gibbs other driver Denny Hamlin!   The added twist of 10 points per victory makes a big difference now.   Consistency is good, but a few wins really helps!!!!

The payout is:






The Final Standings:

1.     Leon——————-114

2.     Jesse——————-116

3.     Carolyn—————-123

4.     Jerry——————-131

5.     Scott——————-134

6.     Carole——————137

7.     Jim———————152

8.     Mark——————-154

9.     Zee———————157

10.   Larry——————177

11.   Edie——————-178

12.   Rick——————-209

13.   Jeremy—————-223

14.   Lynette—————-230

15.   Richard—————-236

16.   Karen——————242


Foggy Michigan!


This is a very short week because of the rain in Brooklyn, Michigan.   The boys will be in Bistol in just a couple of days, so the turn around is going to be extremely crucial!!   I didn’t get to see the whole race, but the “Undersheriff” gave me the readers digest version after I returned from yet another doctors visit!   The rest of August and September looks like I am in doctors office on all my days off.   Getting old has its price, but the alternative sucks!!!!

For the second week in a row Jeff Gordon spins out towards the end of the race and losses more of his valuable points lead.   Kurt Busch was looking strong again this week.   I think that getting his ears trimmed and pinned eliminated a lot of drag, less drag means more speed!!!!!!  

I am thinking that I might do the same thing, it might make that “French Frigate” that I fly faster and more stable!!!! Haha

Gettting to the standings,  it is  very close  and it is any persons game to win.   The first seven spots are separated by just 20 points!   I don’t recall when  six people are within striking distance of the leader!!!!!   I did find that I had to make one adjustment in the scores.   After looking at my Excel spreadsheet, I noticed that I failed to give Jeremy 34 points for Pocono for J.J. Yeley  a couple of  weeks ago.   So this weeks scores reflect that glaring error that I made.

So here we go in the final race for this segemt, there are seven people that can take home the money, it doesn’t get any better than this!!!   Good luck to all, but most importantly the best of luck to this weeks leader (ME)!!!!!

The Standings:

1.     Leon—————–109

2.     Jesse—————-110

3.     Zee——————114

4.     Carolyn————-117

5.     Carole————–125

6.     Jerry—————126

7.     Scott—————129

8.     Mark—————144

9.     Jim—————–147

10.   Larry————–171

11.   Edie—————172

12.   Jeremy————184

13.   Lynette————187

14.   Karen————-203


16.   Richard———-230

The Glen


The words “The Glen” says it all!!   It is a high speed road course with a lot of action associated with it.   It is kind of a Bristol and Martinsville with left and right turns!!!   And by that I mean everyone comes to race and leaves with a chip on their shoulder and an attitude!!!   In fact,  I think that Juan Paul was asking Harvick out  to dinner and drinks after the race at The Glen!!!   I think that there was also a discussion about one or both of their heritages!!!!!!

Three people picked the winner, “I can beat these guys any day of the week”, Tony Stewart. Good job Jeremy, Edie and Carolyn!!!!

The standings are still bunched and continuing to change.   There are still opportunities for you all to make a last minute charge!!!   Maybe a little bit of wedge or track bar   change might get it done!!!

I am still waiting for a few of your picks to arrive so that I can compile them for everyone to see.

The Standings:

1.     Leon———–82

2.     Scott———–98

3.   Zee————-101

4.   Jesse———–103

5.     Jerry———–109

6.     Carolyn——–110 (Picked the winner)

7.   Carole———-113

8.     Jim————-134

9.     Jeremy———135 (Picked the winner)

10.   Mark———–139

11.   Larry———–158

12.   Edie————168( Picked the winner)

13.   Karen———–176

14.   Lynette———183

15.   Rick————-199

16.   Richard———223

Reminder:   Please get your picks into me soon!!!!!!

August 4, 2007


I am sure that some of you folks are wondering what does he mean by having a title to his blog of August 4,2007!

Well some of you know already, but that is the day that Karen and I slipped off to Morro Bay, CA  and got REMARRIED!!   The two pictures above are at Morro Bay taken last October when we first went there together for a “quiet weekend”.   We said our vows on a bluff over looking the Pacific Ocean in the evening of August 4th!   Although it was foggy, and we didn’t get the effects of the sunset, it was a memorable event for both of us!!!!!   And memories is what life’s journey  is all about!

It was almost 24 years ago that a very brash, self assured, and if I say so myself, cocky young Second Officer(ME) walked up to the prettiest blue eyed blonde flight attendant in the Eastern Airlines Houston Crew    Lounge and butted in her conversation!   She was talking to a fellow flight attendant and telling her how this guy had been pestering her for a date and that she just didn’t want to go out with him.   So this self assured pilot (ME) stuck his nose into her conversation and told her,”If it was me, I would only give you one chance!!!”   In a tone of voice that let me know just how impressed with me she really was, abruptly told me that she really didn’t recall asking for my advice!

To make a long story short, we got married and divorced six years later,  and now we have gotten married again!!   So I guess that I lied about one chance, didn’t I!!!   I have given her two chances, and quite frankly, I am overjoyed that she came back into my life for the second and last time…….she is my best friend and my soulmate!!!!!!!  

I could philosophize ( I am not sure if that is a word or not!!!!), but there are words already written that put it better than I can!!

1. Twenty years now, where’d they go!

      Twenty years, I don’t know.

      I sit and wonder sometimes  where they’ve gone.

    And sometimes late at night oh when I’m bathed in the firelight, the moon comes calling

  in a ghostly way and I recall.   I recall!!!!     ( Bob Seger, Like A Rock)

August 4, 2007

Battle of the Beer Wagon!


For most of the Pocono race it was the battle  of “The Beer Wagons”!   The Red Budweiser car with its Clydesdales under the hood  was strong today, but there was no disputing who had the “strongest horses”.    The Miller #2 was soooooo dominating that it was scarey.   Kurt Busch, aka the Jimmy Spencer punching bag, led 175 laps of the 200 lap race!   What a show of domination for the Penske organization.

The standings have continued to tighten up.   There are only 24 points that separate positions 1 thru 8, so the money is still flying in the breeze!   Also we can say that we have 3 very solid individuals anchoring the bottom!   Rick, Richard, and Miss Edie are doing a spectaular job of being “Tail Gun Charlie”!!!!!!!   We had 3 people pick the winner, Mark, Jerry , and yours truely!!   If only James Brown was alive he would give a me a big “HA,GOOD GOD”!!!!!!  

Note: A new feature added today is a note on who moves up or down ( + -) the most in the new standings.   No need to thank me, I here to please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   haha)

I will send out and e-mail with the Excel spreadsheet for everyone’s edification today also.

The Standings:

1.     Leon——————-77   (Pick the winner)

2.     Scott——————87

3.     Jim——————–95


5.     Zee——————–96

6.   Jerry——————100   (Picked the winner)

7.    Carolyn—————109

8.   Carole—————-111

9.   Mark——————134   (moved +3)


11. Karen—————-140

12. Lynette————–144   (Moved -2)

13. Larry—————–150

14. Edie——————167

15. Richard————–184

16. Rick——————190