Tick, tick, tick…..time is running out!


ATLANTA, need I say any more?????

This track produces some of the finest racing of any track on the circuit!   I have been to five races there over the years, and I have to tell you that after Daytona and Talladega, Atlanta Motor Speedway puts on one of the finest races all year.   This race was no exception.   Last week I was preparing for Jeff Gordon to win his 5th championship, but Jimmie Johnson is really not allowing Jeff Gordon to drive away!!!!   However, I do believe that it is definitely going to be a Hendrick car to win the last Nextel Cup to be awarded (next year it is the Sprint Cup).  

Our standings are starting to form up for the money!   There are three distinct groupings, 3rd place thru 6th place are separated by 5 points!   Seventh place thru 11th place are just separated by only 8 points, while 10th place thru 13th place have only 9 points between them!!  

 So there is still time to get to the pits, get four fresh ones, maybe a little wedge or track bar adjustment and make a run to the front!!!


1.     SCOTT——————-73

2.     LARRY——————-93

3.     MARK——————-103

4.     JEREMY—————–104

5.     ZEE———————106

6.     RICHARD—————108

7.     JIM———————125


9.     LEON——————-127

10.  CAROLE—————-131

11.   EDIE——————-133

12.   LYNETTE—————140

13.   CAROLYN————–142

14.   JERRY——————164

15.   KAREN——————165

16.   RICK——————–223

And Then There Were Four!


Not only is the sun setting on the airplanes in this picture, the sun is also starting to set on the “Chase for the Cup”.   As I said last week, it appears that it is Jeff Gordon’s championship to win or loose.   His teammate, Jimmie Johnson, is really the only competition.   Like it or not, Hendrick Motorsports will have another championship to add to their trophy case.

Our standings just got a whole lot tighter!!!!   Four of us picked the winner this week!   Karen, Mark, Carolyn, your truly, all picked Jimmie Johnson for Martinsville!   Scott looked like a shoe-in to win this segment, but he ate 23 points today and opened up the door for Mark, Richard the NASCAR Picker, and Jeremy to gain valuable ground.  

Apparently the “Committee” has put the “FEAR” into him!!!!!   But there is still more work to do on the investigation!  


1.     SCOTT—————–71

2.     MARK——————73

3.     RICHARD————–78

4.     JEREMY—————-80

5.     LARRY—————–87

6.     JIM——————–95

7.     ZEE——————–97

8.     LEON—————–102

9.     JESSE—————-121

10.   CAROLYN———–127

11.   EDIE—————-128

12.   CAROLE————129

13.   LYNETTE———–131

14.   KAREN————-135

15.   JERRY————-162

16.   RICK————–193

The Chasers are fallin’out!


Like  it or not, it would appear that the two chief Hendrick boys are fighting for the championship between themselves!   We are half way through the Chase for the Cup and it appears that it is Jeff Gordon’s championship to win or loose!   Both Jimmy Johnson down 68 points, and Clint Bowyer back 78 points, have their work cut out for them with just five races left in The Chase.  

The “World’s Greatest Race Car Driver”, Tony Stewart, is 198 points out of first place. It would seem to take his absolute best performances for the five races,  with a lot of back luck on the part of everybody else, for him to make a run at the championship.   The rest of the “Chasers” are too far gone to mount a good run to the front!!   NOT EVEN FOUR FRESH TIRES WOULD HELP THEM!!!!!

On the other hand, “our race” is very tight.   The standings seem to change weekly… except for Scott!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   There   are some rumblings that he has contacted both Richard The NASCAR Picker and Black Market Baucum,aka BMBaucum,  inquiring about their “techniques”! The Sheriff has dispatched some undercover dectectives to query some “senior informants” regarding Scott’s questionable picking ability this segment  !!

Anybody having pertinent  information leading to the investigation, please submit it to the Sheriff!


1.     SCOTT——————48

2.     MARK——————-72

3.     RICHARD—————73

4.     JEREMY—————–77

5.     LARRY——————83

6.     JIM———————86

7.     JESSE——————90

8.     ZEE———————94

9.     LEON——————101

10.   CAROLE————–122

11.   EDIE——————124

12.   LYNETTE————–125

13.   CAROLYN————-126

14.   KAREN—————-134

15.   JERRY—————–143

16.   RICK——————162



Drafting on the high banks of Talladega!   The “Car of Tomorrow” followed by the “Car of Yesterday”!!!!!   HaHa

This was the first race for the COT with a restirictor plate and the racing was just as exciting as it always  is at TALLADEGA.

Sorry for the delay in the posting, BUT  I WAS OVERBOOKED!!!!

Anyway, here are the standings after Talladega.   I promise that I will get the posting quickly after the Lowes race this evening!!!


1.     JEREMY————43

2.     SCOTT————-44

3.     MARK————–46

4.     LARRY————-50

5.     RICHARD———-68

6.     JIM—————–72

7.     LEON—————75

8.     JESSE————–85

9.     LYNETTE———–91


11.   CAROLE———-96

12.   KAREN———-115

13.   EDIE————119

14.   CAROLYN——-123

15.   JERRY———–129

16.   RICK————148