Good Bye To Yellow Brick Road!


I am sure that you are wondering just what the heck does that title have to do with NASCAR?   No, I am not talking about Elton John’s song.   This was Dale Jarrett’s last point race, he has called it quits.

We NASCAR fans hear all the time about the NASCAR family, it is a very close knit bunch  of racers.   The Jarrett family, the Petty family, and the Wood brothers  have been an integral part of NASCAR since its inception in 1948.    From  early on Lee Petty, Richard’s dad, then Richard competed against the Wood brothers famous number 21 and Ned Jarrett’s number 11, Dale’s dad.   Ned retired in his early 30’s, a two time NASCAR champion,  to be a TV announcer.    He is also a very respected”elder statesman” of NASCAR.

Well folks, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”!!!   Dale followed his father into NASCAR, but it wasn’t very easy for him.   He struggled early on to try to get into “The Big Show”.   His break came at the expense of another driver, Neil Bonnett.   Neil was the driver of the famous #21 for the Wood brothers, but was injured in a wreck.   The Wood brothers asked Dale to fill in and drive their car. He won the race at Michigan and the door was opened!!!     Remember the NASCAR family thing??????  

Well today the family theme was illustrated again.   Dale’s father, Ned Jarrett, got the honor of waving the green flag to start Dale’s final race.   It is really cool how things go full circle.       The most memorable  for me  was when Dale Jarrett won  his first  Daytona 500.   Ned was one of the commentators for CBS, who was airing the race live.   Dale Jarret was dueling in the final laps with “The Intimidator”. Dale Earnhardt, Sr.   Neither had  won that race at that time, Earnhardt had been sooooo close for so many years!   You might remember this race as “The Dale and Dale Show”, as Dad and commentator Ned Jarrett called it.   Ned called  the race  as only a dad could do, with pride and emotion!!!   “Bring it on home like I taught you to do, Dale”!   He did, Dale Jarrett won the first of his three Daytona 500’s and gave us a great memory.

Now Dale is following his father’s foot steps once again, now into the broadcast booth of ESPN!

Dale, thanks for the memories, you are a class act!!!  

Now for the race analysis:

This was a new Bristol!   Now longer do you wad up sheet metal to try to win the race.   With the progressive banking, you see side-by-side racing and passing.   That is more exciting than “punting” cars out of the way to pass!!

However, there was one exception!!! Mr. Harvick drove it in way too deep on Mr Stewart going into turn one  and got into the side of “The World’s Greatest Driver” and spun him!!! OOOOOPPPPSS!

Jeff Burton slipped past both Harvick and Stewart to pull of the win.   He was followed by both of his teammates, Kevin Harvick and Clint Bowyer.With that  Richard Childress pulled off a first for his organization, finishing first, second, and third!!!!!!


1.     LEON—————-29

2.     LOUELLA————39

3.     KAREN—————41

4.     CAROLYN———–46

5.     ZEE——————-63

6.     SCOTT—————66

7.   RICHARD————76

8.     JERRY—————80

9.     CAROLE————-84

10.   LYNETTE———–94

11.   JIM—————-105

12.   EDIE—————109


Atlanta Kobalt 500

Cole's 5th B'Day 078  

No this isn’t the car of tomorrow!!!   But it does sometimes have an aero push!!!

This weekend was the Kyle Busch Show.   He was the class of the field on Friday for the Craftsman Truck race.   Like Las Vegas, he was passing everything in sight.   He ran the high line, he ran the low line, he even ran in the infield!!!!!!   Grass, dirt, pavement, it didn’t matter he put his ride wherever he wanted!!!   As DW says,” Kyle is the only one who can run three wide all by himself”!!!!!!

His efforts paid off in the CTS Truck race with a Friday night win.   He dominated the Saturday Nationwide race only to have a right front tire blowout after he led more that 140 laps.   That opened up the door forr Matt Kensth to win.

Sunday Kyle was at it again!   His Toyota was very strong all day.   When Carl Edwards’ car “tanked”, that opened up the door for Kyle to lead the final laps and give Toyota its first Cup victory.

2008 has all the markings of a really exciting season!!!!


1.     KAREN—————–18

2.     LEON——————-27

3.     CAROLYN————–34


5.     LYNETTE————–52

6.     ZEE——————-59

7.     SCOTT—————-64

8.     JERRY—————-67

9     RICHARD————-69

10.   CAROLE————-82

11.   EDIE—————-91

12.   JIM—————-100

Windy Las Vegas!!


Well folks, the UAW-Dodge 400 is in the books.   The weather was fairly good for Vegas in March.   We been hot and we have frozen our tails off at this race in years past!!!!!!   The temperature was nice in the daytime, but the wind got the best of us as the sun went down!   Saturday night the wind really got blasting thru the campground and sent fome flags flying to the fence.   There were a few flag poles that bent and one in particular that snapped off and landed in our neighbors “front yard”!!!!!

The racing at Vegas has gotten much, much better since ol Brutun reconfigured the track and increased the banking.   the racing is “racier” and finishes are tighter and very exciting.

This week is Atlanta, which is one of my favorite tracks.   It is very wide and exteremely fast on those high banks!!!! Need I say   that you really need to look out for that NATIONAL GUARD/AMP/MOUTAIN DEW #88 at Atlanta?????   He ran well there when he worked for “THE EVIL STEP-MOTHER“.  

PS Sorry for last week’s failure to publish the results.   I had a terminal case of scurvy, rickets,  and a brain fart!!!!!  


1.     KAREN——————–16

2.     ZEE———————–22


4.     LEON———————-25


6.     CAROLYN—————–26

7.       LOUELLA—————–33

8.     EDIE———————-49

9.     LYNETTE——————51

10.   JIM———————–58

11.   RICHARD—————–62

12.   CAROLE——————67