There are several storylines to discuss for last weekend’s Talladega race:

1. Tony Stewart entertaining offers to leave JGR.

2. Tony Stewart winning the Nationwide race on Saturday.

3. Tony Stewart leading the most Sunday;

4. Dale Jr. teaming up with Tony to stay out front.

5. Kyle Busch winning the race.

The biggest story to come out of Tallagega was breaking news that Tony Stewart is entertaining offers from other teams.  His contract runs thru 2009 with Joe Gibbs Racing.  Tony stated that he is listening to offers from other teams, especially the offers that allow him some percentage of ownership!  This news, in the garage, rivals last years news that Dale Jr. was leaving DEI!  In fact, this is going to be bigger because it was thought that Tony and JGR were forever.  Whereas, it became obvious that Theresa, (aka The Evil Stepmother) had no intention of keeping Dale Jr. in the DEI fold.

It is no secret that Tony Stewart has an ego larger that Mt. Everest and must be fed!  Now that Kyle Busch has come to Joe Gibbs Racing and winning, Tony is not feeling the love anymore!!!!  Therefore, it comes as no surprise to this reporter, that he is looking for way to own his own team and be “The Lead Dog” once again !!!  Additionally, the switch from Chevy to Toyota at JGR apparently has posed a problem with Tony’s relationship with GM and Chevy.  Chevy is heavily involved in Tony Stewart Motorsports open wheel racing programs.  So there is a big conflict!!! 

There are strong rumblings that he might very well be given a part of Haas/CNC Racing if he wants to go there.  I am sure that there are several good offers that are coming his way, who knows maybe Morgan Sheppard is looking for a good driver for his program!!!  Time will tell what decision he makes.  However, this reporter looks for Tony to try to get released before the year is up if the right opportunity arises!! This is not the last that will be written about the apparent separation of Tony Stewart and JGR!!!  A divorce settlement is coming!

The Nationwide race on Saturday was a classic show of domination!  The Old Spice #20 JGR Toyota was THE class of the field!!!  Tony Stewart had never won a race at Talladega, he had been the “bride’s maid” six times, but never won.  Well all that changed Saturday!  Not only did he win, but he did it in a huge way.  He had THE HORSE!!!  Tony ran out front all day and was challenged very few times, and not very seriously.

The Sprint cup race on Sunday was extremely exciting to this reporter!  The first third of the race saw a huge amont of lead changes.  The typical early race happenings occurred.  There were runs to the front followed by getting shuffled to the back happening over and over again.  The middle third of the race was the “Tony Stewart/Dale Jr. Show”.  Mostly Tony lead with Dale Jr. hooked onto his bumper, but there were times when the scene was reversed.  Then Tony blew a right front tire and grazed the wall, which ended his domination of the race.  That is when Dale Jr. took up the forefront for many of the final laps. 

However late in the race, Kyle Busch charged up thru the pack in his traditional “take no prisoners” fashion.  You know what I mean, diving his car like he stole it, going three wide all by himself, passing on the infiled grass, etc., to take over the lead!!  All this happpened after going a lap down because he missed his pit stall early in the race.  A late restart put all Kyle’s lead in jeopardy, but neither Juan Pablo Montoya nor Denny Hamlin had anything for Kyle.  He held on to notch his second victory of the season for JGR!

PS Putting #20 car on this page really pains me!!!!!!!!!

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Update in Design

Yuma Sunset 002

The tides are a changin”!! There is a new function on my web page. If you will notice at the top banner, there is a tab for NASCAR RACE RESULTS. If you click on that banner, you will see a spreadsheet with the weekly order and the totals accumulated so far for the race segment. My IT people ( my computer geek aka Jason) hooked me up a Google Doc. that is embedded into my web site and that allows me to have the spreadsheet incorporated into my web page!! When the current scores are put into the spreadsheet, it sorts, calculates puts you all in the proper order!!!!

Please check it out and give your thought, critiques, an ideas!! Also if each one of you involved in the NASCAR fantasy League will email me a picture of yourself, I will put the picture up each week of the person(s) who pick the winner!! Other ideas will follow!

Good luck this week at Talladega.

GO #88

For all you really geeky dudes the results are always right here: http://captainblowdri.com/index.php/nascar-race-results/

Nighttime is the right time in PHX!!!


This is the picture of the 1960 Daytona 500 winning car. It is Junior Johnson’s 1960 Chevy. Notice that it is actually a 1960 Chevy!!!! Back in those days, they actually used production cars and applied the roll bars and other safety equipment mandated by NASCAR in those years!! Granted, the safety equipment was extremely spartan compared to NASCAR 2008.

I took this picture back in February when I went to the 50th Daytona 500. There were many things set up out near the garage area in what is now known as “The Fan Zone”. There were a few other former winning cars on display there. If you ever go to Daytona, you MUST go in the Fan Zone!!!! You won’t regret it!

Now to talk about “Phoenix under the lights”. It was a very exciting and competive race all evening. A couple of the Hendrick boys, Dale Jr. and Jimmie Johnson in particular, were very dominating during the race. It appeared that JR was going to be the first Hendrick car to win a Cup race this season, but the handling went away in waning laps of the race.
Instead, Jimmie Johnson got his #48 Lowes Chevy in a postion to take the lead and hang on to it for the rest the race. Thus putting to rest the notion of “who will be the first Hendick’s car to win”??? Also putting to rest the question of “how come the Hendrick’s boys haven’t won a race yet?” The question is not why haven’t the Hendrick’s teams won, but look how all the rest of the race teams have caught up the Hendrick’s domination!!!

Also look how the Toyota teams have responded to last years bad results!! The Gibbs boys have had extremely strong runs in all of the races…..but just can’t seem to seal the deal (except for the “junior varment from Las Vegas” )!! I am sure the “The World’s Greatest Race Car Driver”, SMOKE, aka Tony Stewart, probably is getting a little restless, since at the present time he is not the best Gibbs driver!!! Get over it Tony!!!!!!

Well this week the Cup drivers have the week off. It will be a time for the teams to regroup and get prepared for this next long stretch of critical racing. First up is Talladega Superspeedway, one of my favorite tracks!!! I love to watch restrictor plate racing at Daytona and Talladega!!! It is like a swarm of bees looking for honey. Things seem to be mudane for most of the race, then somebody takes a swat at the swarm and all hell breaks loose!!!!!! Pieces and parts get strewn all over the racing surface!!!

Can’t wait to see who has their “plate” program together…..could this be the week that the Amp/National Guard/Mountain Dew # 88 brings it home??????? Stay tuned!!!!!!!


1. CAROLYN——————–55

2. LOUELLA———————73

3. KAREN———————–76

4. SCOTT———————–85

5. LEON————————-96

6. RICHARD——————–97

7. LYNETTE——————-109

8. JERRY———————-124

9. ZEE————————-128


11. CAROLE——————–158

12. EDIE————————187

Deep in the Heart of Texas!


“The stars at night are big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas”   Well folks, the “NASCAR stars” came out in Texas last weekend!!!!   The boys came to Ft. Worth for a weekend of “Haulin’ the Mail” at Texas Motor Speedway!!!

Thursday and Friday the weather didn’t cooperate with the agenda of Cup practice and Nationwide qualifying.   So the Nationwide Series lined up for their race on Saturday by ’08 owner points.   I only have one thing to say about that race…….Kyle Busch!   He dominated the Saturday afternoon race, as he has been doing most of this season.   In Texas he was able to seal the deal and lead at the end, which is the most important part of the race!!!!

The Sprint Cup boys were able to qualify on Friday, as scheduled.   However there was one extremely spectacular crash in qualifying!!!   Michael McDowell just crossed the start/finish line on his first lap of qulifying, then arched his car into turn one when all  HELL broke loose!!!!   He ran over some “oil dry” and the back end got loose, stepped out, got sideways, call it whatever you want!!!   As he corrected to the right to try to catch the backend, the front tires got a bunch of traction and the car pivoted immediately to the right.   The car impacted the wall with the left front quarter panel and then careened on into the turn barrell rolling nine times!!!   To the amazement of everyone he climbed out of the car and walked to the awaiting ambulance for the ride to the infield care center!!   This crash was many times more severe than the crash that so tragically took Dale Earnhardt, Sr.’s life!!   The safety measures that have been put in place since that dark day for NASCAR have saved a few lives and prevented many injuries……THANK YOU NASCAR!!!!

Well, Carl Edwards won the Texas race and his third victory in seven races this season.   Can we say DOMINATION????????

The standings has taken on a new look.   We have a new leader this week as the former leader( yours truely) ate 43 points, thank you Jeffie!!!!!   Carolyn pick ol Cousin Carl to win and that vaulted her into the lead for this week!  

This week the boys will be in the Valley of The Sun….Phoenix!!   The race will be a good ol fashion Saturday Night  Slugfest.   Good luck to all!!!!!!!  




1.     CAROLYN—————49 (picked the winner)

2.     KAREN——————53

3.     LOUELLA—————-71

4.     SCOTT——————-72

5.     LEON——————–73

6.     RICHARD—————-95

7.     JERRY——————101

8.     LYNETTE—————108

9.     ZEE———————114

10.   JIM——————–122


12.   EDIE——————-151


196  Well this week there is no history lesson in the blog!   In fact I had to fly and was unable to watch the race, even though I  picked the winner.   But my trusty assistant, Blondie, calibrated the scores and e-mailed them to me.  

PS The picture is me on the track at Daytona in the tri oval just prior to the Craftsman Truck race to start off the season!


1.     LEON——————-30

2.     CAROLYN————–48

3.     KAREN—————–50

4.     SCOTT—————–67

5.     LOUELLA————–69

6.     ZEE——————–72

7.     RICHARD————–85

8.     LYNETTE————–96

9.     JERRY—————–99

10.   CAROLE————-114

11.   JIM——————117

12.   EDIE—————–139