Wine and Cheese??


The Storylines are:

1.  “Kylie” Busch wins his 5th race of the season.

2.  Marcus Ambrose qualifies the #21 Wood Bros. Ford into the show.

3.  Bonzai moves takes out many contenders!

4.  Tony Stewart is extremely eloquent in post-race interview!

5.  David Gilliland finish second.

6.  DEI pegs Aric Almirola to drive the #8 full time in 2009.

7.  Mark Martin is rumored to the #5 Hendrick Chevy in 2009.

8.  DEI possibly down to three teams in 2009.

9.  Army possibly to Bill Davis Racing #22 in 2009.

Well folks, that little Weasel from Las Vegas, aka LVW and Wild Thang, did it again!!!    How does he get himself in a position to win week after week????  (Only when I picked him, did he see the need to give me a 43!!)  He took the lead shortly before the halfway point and never surrendered it to anyone after that.  Much to my chagrin, it looks like he is turning into the odds on favorite for the championship.  But remember last year, Jeff Gordon looked like he would be the favorite to win and he didn’t!!!!

Marcos Ambrose was quite a surprise Sunday.  First off he qualifies the Wood Bros. #21 Ford up near the front in his very first attempt in Sprint Cup racining!  In fact, he was contending for the lead for the first half of the race.  He was the first to attempt the BONZAI MOVE!!!   He drove DEEP into turn 11 and took out Juan Pablo Montoya!!  He was later taken out at the same point by another BONZAI MOVE!!  But I do believe the CLASSIC BONZAI MOVE of the race goes to # 29 Kevin Harvick!!!  Kevin got almost 1/3 of the field with his move up near the top of the track!!!  When the “SMOKE’  cleared, “THE SMOKER” was taken out of the race, aka Tony Stewart!!!!!!  His post race interview was classic “Tony”, and I might add very eloquent!!!!


Another highlight of the race was the finish of the #38 Yates Ford driven by David Gilliland.  David has been in victory circle many times at Infineon Raceway, as a crew chief for his dad Butch Gilliland, as well as a driver himself in the Winston West Series and Southwest Featherlite Tour.  He pumps up the Yates Racing with a very good finish.


DEI and Mark Martin are noteworthy today.  DEI has decided to put Aric Almirola in the #8 full time in 2009.  But where does that leave Mark Martin??  Rumors out of the garge area having Mark Martin possibly going to the #5 Hendrick Chevy in 2009.  What happened to Casey Mears?  It appears that Casey will be released from his contract at the end of 2008.  I am sure there is more to come on these issues!!


Finally another note on DEI.  It appears that they are having sponsorship problems for the #01 car.  If no sponsors  can be found, then they may shut down the #01 team.  IS THE “EVIL STEPMOTHER” GETTING HER JUST REWARD??????  There is also some rumors floating around the garage area that Martin Truax may be in line for the Childress fourth team.   Very Interesting!!!!!

Finally, there is some very sad news to report.  On Saturday NHRA lost one of its champions, Scott Kalitta.  Scott lost his life in a firey crash at the end of the fourth round of qualifying for Funny Cars at Englishtown, NJ.  Scott comes from one the premier families of drag racing.  His Dad is Conrad “Connie” Kalitta who drove the “THE KALITTA FLYING SERVICE” top fuel dragster in the 60′ and 70’s.  Scott was the NASCAR Top Fuel Champion back in the mid 90’s.  GOD BLESS THE KALITTA FAMILY OUR PRAYERS ARE WITH YOU!

Still one more sad piece of news that I must report.  Just before I went to press, I was notified that my most favorite comedian of all times passed away from a massive heart attack today, George Carlin.  I remember him from the 60’s being on The Ed Sullivan Show.  His characters were, “the hippy-dippy weatherman“, Biff Burns’ Spotlight on Sports, and more.  From those early days he rocketed on the scene!  He had such a way with words!  I am really going to miss you, George, may you rest in peace!!

Michigan 400/Father’s Day


HE IS BACK!!!!!!!! 


1.  Qualifying rained out;

2.  Kyles attemps another triple header;

3.  JR’s winless streak at 72 races;

4.  Pit strategy/ fuel mileage;

5. Late race caution flags;

The weekend started off with the Cup qualifying being rained out for Sunday’s race.  That means that the line up for the race is by current point standings.  So the number 18, aka “TLVW”, was starting on the pole.  This would make him the odds-on favorite for the  race, since he has been the hottest driver of the season!  If you were a betting man, you would bet the farm that “Wild Thang” would be there at the end!  But ol Kylie hasn’t been able to close the deal in the last douple of weeks.  Why last week he saw fit to give this reporter a present——43 points!!!!!

Michigan has always been a track where there are long green flags runs that lead to a “fuel mileage” finish of a race.  Also there seems to be a late race caution flag that plays heavily into the outcome.  Well, today was no exception to that rule!!!  The “contending” teams were presented with just the scenerio that I have just spoken about.  Some chose to pit and a few chose to stay out and have “track position”.  One of those teams was the Hendrick’s #88 Amp/Mt. Dew/National Guard #88 Dale Jr. Chevy.  It was going to be close if he could make it to the end on his fuel!  He was trying to “conserve” fuel as best he could, all the while racing Jamie McMurry’s #26 Crown Royal Ford for the win.  With a couple of laps to go in the race there was a tangle in the back of the pack involving Patrick Carpentier and Mike Waltrip that brought out the caution flag.  Now there is a Green/ White/ Checker restart.  That causes an extra two laps of racing, and as it turned out, three laps idling behind the pace car for a total of five extra laps!!!  Does Dale Jr. have the fuel to hold off Jamie McMurry for the win?????  That was the burning question!

The green flag drops and away they go hurtling into turn 1.  Jr. seems to be able to hold off McMurry down the back stretch, but it is very close!  Coming out of turn four, heading down to the white flag there is a spin  behind the leaders and the yellow flag comes out again.  Now does Dale Jr. have enough gas to stay behind the pace car for one more lap to take the checkered flag????  He comes around turn four to take the checkered and his car sputters and runs out of gas—–but he still makes it to the finish line for the victory!!!!  The 72 race winless streak comes to an end!!!!!!  He’s back!!!


I would also like to take this time to wish all my friends and family who are fathers, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!

I would like to wish one very special person “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY”!!! 


Pocono in the Pines!!


I know that this doesn’t look like the “Car of Tomorrow/Today”!  This is a B-757 and that is what I am here in Denver doing.  It is a “CRAMMED COURSE” these days, to say the least!!!  I am putting in about 16-18 hours a day to get my brain in B-767/757 gear!!!  So that is why I am a little late in getting my results and blog posted.

I didn’t get to watch the race cause I was sitting in class, but I understand that it had its moments!  The standings took a big topsy-turvey twist this past week!!  It appears that “The  Hotest Driver in NASCAR” took an iced cold shower just when I picked him to do good for me!!  Do you think that he might have read my web site over the last few weeks???  Maybe the word got out about my journalistic prowess!!!

Well the boys are moving over to Michigan this week and it will be extremely interesting!  After all, the track is only about 90 miles from MOTOWN.  Will Toyota finally win in Ford, GM, and Dogde’s backyard???  The suspense builds!!

Now I would be remiss, as a reporter, if I didn’t take time to honor a legend in the sportscasting world who passed away on Saturday, James McManus.  Who you say is that guy?  Well, we all knew him as ABC’s Jim McKay!  He was a legend!  He coined the phrase for Wide World of Sports that we all know, “The thrill of VICTORY and the AGONY of defeat”.   HE WAS WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS!!!  Jim McKay and Roone Arledge were the driving force behind that show, which started out as a summer replacement show that lasted some 40 years!

He was the man that we saw in front of the camera for a day and a half, back in 1972, informing the world of the massacre that happened at the 1972 Olympics!  He kept us all glued to the set  to see the final outcome of the hostage scene there.  And then his solemn three words late in the night, “there all gone”!!!  All of the Isreali hostages were killed at the airport!!  The world was forever changed!!!!

Go rest in peace Jim McManus, you have left your mark on the world!!!!


Best Buy/Autism Speaks 400


This picture of people scattered about on the tri oval at Daytona roughly resembles the pieces and parts that were scattered and strewn about at Dover on lap 16!!  Yes “The Monster Mile” lived up to one of its many nickname today.  The one that I am alluding to, is “The Self Cleaning Track”!!  Dover is a very high banked, high speed track.  Couple those facts with the track being a somewhat narrow racing surface and the racing is very intense, action packed, and exciting.


1.  The self cleaning track/The Monster Mile:

2.  Big crash on lap 16:

3.  Bifle leads the first 168 laps:

4.  Edwards is strong mid race:

5.  Kyle Busch leads the final 150 laps/the winner of 10/33 races in 2008:

6.  FOX ends its broadcast segment for 2008:,

The action started very early today.  On lap 16 Elliott Sadler made a move down low coming out of turn 2, but unfortunately he came down on David Gilliland and Sadler backed his car into the wall.  Then the rest of the pack impaled themselves on the Sadler’s car and some of the other wreckage.  Most notably was Hamlin showing everyone just how fast he could hit both Sadler and his teammate “The World’s Greatest Driver”, “Smoker”, aka Tony Stewart!  That wreck involved 7 of the top 12 leaders in the points.


Recapping this afternoon’s race.

Greg Bifle started on the pole and lead the first 168 of 172 laps.  He develops an electrical problem with the alternator and must turn off most of the components drawing power from the battery.  That involved all brake and tire bead fans, as well as his cool air directed into his helmet!!  Fortunately he was able to conserve electrical power and the battery lasted for the remaining laps of the race.  Bifle was able to pull a third place finish out of a day that could have been disaterous for him.


In the middle segment of the 400 mile race, Carl Edwards was the dominate force.  It appeared that this Rousch-Fenway Ford was going to bring it on home, taking up where his teammate left off!!  But a round of green flag pit stops would soon change Edwards fortunes!! 


With 172 laps to go, the number 18 car grabbed the lead.  You know who drives this car, “Wild Thing”, “The Las Vegas Weasel”, “Rowdy Busch”, or as I like to call him “KYLIE”.  His Combos #18 emerged as the dominating race car in the final stages of the race.  He only relinquinshed the lead for 3 laps during the last round of green flag pit stops.  When they all cycled through the pits, it was OL KYLIE who emerged in the lead with 71 laps to go.  From that point neither Carl Edwards, nor Greg Bifle had anything for WT/TLVW!!  I would like to add, much to my chagrin, that KYLIE has won 10 of the 33 total races that have been held in the three elite divisions of NASCAR in 2008!!! 


Lastly, I have to talk about FOX’s coverage of the first 13 races of 2008.  Once again their production team is superior.  The way that FOX covers the sport outstanding.  The stories that they cover are timely and very informative.  The broadcasters, Mike Joy, Darrell Waltrip, Larry McReynolds, Jeff Hammond, Tim Brewer, Brad Doughtery, and Dr. “Dirt” Dick Berggern, are hands down the finest broadcasters in racing.  I am already waiting with much anticipation for 2009 Speed Weeks in Daytona!!!


 FOX now hands off NASCAR to TNT for 6 races and the balance of the season to ESPN/ABC.  They will put their spin on the production of races, but it just won’t be the same without DW’s “Boogity, boogity, let’s go racin’ boys!!”

 We will see you boys again in February!