Logano Scores First Win!

2009 Daytona 500 166

(photo by Leon Hammack)

The Lennox Industrial Tools 301 is now in the record books.  Like last year’s June race, the weather played a very significant roll in the outcome of the race!  Like last year when the “Blue Duece” driven by Kurt Busch, aka ELB (Ears Laid Back) waited for the race to be called because of the rain, the #20 Home Depot Toyota driven by Joey “Sliced Bread” Logano, too, waited for the race to be called.

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As I was watching the replay of the big accident at Louden on the restart at lap 174, several thoughts occurred to me.  While it is a given that TLVW can drive the wheels off of anything that he straps himself into, it appears that his “patience tank” is completely empty!  As long as he is out front of the pack, it never comes into play with this driver.

However on Sunday, with ol Kylie stuck back in mid pack for the restart, the driver of the #18 M&M’s Toyota was the instigator of the “The Big One” at Louden!  As the green flag flew for the restart on lap 174, Dale Jr. in the #88 National Guard Chevy, spun his tires as he hammered the “loud pedal”.  That backed up a couple of rows of cars, but TLVW gassed it up big, stuck his nose into a spot that maybe only a fly or gnat could fit into, and tried to make it three wide prior to the start/finish line!  As that small hole closed back up, ol Kylie got into the #1 TomTom Chevy of Martin Truex, Jr.’s left quarter panel turning him hard right, and sending him head-on into the outside retaining wall.  Ol Kylie’s impatience resulted in collecting several drivers, thoroughly blocking the racetrack!

I think that I have just figured out why TLVW continuously sticks his nose into places that you know that won’t work on the race track.  I think his near vision is grossly impaired!!  Probably if he were to go to an opthamologist to get a thorough eye examination and glasses, he will see that his nose just won’t fit into some of  those tight spots he insists on getting into.

What is your take?

Father’s Day

This Sunday marks the Father’s Day celebration.  It is the one day that this society and culture has decided to set aside to honor all our fathers.  It is such a small token of appreciation that we offer to these men.  Think about it, just one day out of all our schedules do we take the time to tell our fathers,”I Love You, I respect you, thank you very much for all you have sacrificed and done for my well-being”!  It is such a minuscule effort on all of our parts.


It is my opinion that every day should be  Father’s Day, as well as Mother’s Day!  My rationale is very simple and founded in psychological studies.  It has been proven that for boys, the single most important person in their lives is their father!   Now I will admit that not every father is worthy of honor from his children, but for the most part they are worthy in general.


Wouldn’t you think that we as males could, at least, express our love and respect to our fathers- other than on just Father’s Day?  Well, we don’t!  We just take good old Dad for granted, it is a “man thang”!  We as men just assume that all of our loved ones “just know that we love them”!  Well guys, it just doesn’t work that way! 


Father’s Day 2009 will be somewhat  hollow for me. It is the 14th Father’s day that I have wished my Dad a Happy Father’s Day, but unfortunately he is not around to celebrate the day!   Dad passed away on Dec. 30, 1995.  It doesn’t mean that I don’t take the time to observe this day and reflect how much that I respect what he tried to do for me.  It doesn’t mean that I don’t take time to ponder just how much I still love him and miss him!  It doesn’t mean that he is no longer a roll model for me.   Quite the contrary my Dad is probably more of roll model now than 14 years ago!


I remember growing up in the 60’s telling myself, “God I hope that I don’t turn out like my dad!”  Well here I am approaching the age of 60, and guess what, I am turning out just  like my dad!   My dad was a very humble, stern, and generous man.  We didn’t have much, but if you needed food, you could come and sit at the dinner table.  You needed a bed his house was open!  He was all about family!  Something that I don’t see as much anymore these days.

So my wish is to all who read this article, make this Father’s Day special.  If your father is still in your life, make him feel special, let him know that you love, respect, appreciate  him.  But what I am really trying to get across is that you should let ALL of your loved ones know unequivocally that you care!



The Old Man Prevails!

An exhausting victory 

(photo by Getty Images)


Once again the Michigan race was determined by fuel consumption/gas mileage.  The final laps were very dramatic.  In fact it was the last 10 laps that made the race very interesting.  The #48 Lowe’s Chevy dominated the race all day long.  but the last 10 laps were a nail bitter!  It came down, once again, who got the best fuel mileage in the final fuel run. 


It appeared that both #16 3M Ford driven Biffle and # 48 Lowe’s Chevy driven by Johnson choose to race each other hard til the bitter end, and consequently, they ran each other out of gas!  First the #48 Lowe’s Chevy coughed, sputtered, and ran out of that precious commodity that powers those 800  horses, as he crossed the start/finish line with the white flag flying.  The heir apparent for Johnson’s lack of good gas mileage appeared to be the #16 3M Roush-Fenway Ford.  But that was short-lived, as he too ran out of petro motoring down the back stretch.  With Biffle running out of fuel, the victory was handed to the #5 Kellogg’s/Carquest Chevy!

At a time when most race car drivers have been retired for quite some time, this 50 year old is making a move to the front.   He obviously got re-energized from his two years of part time racing, now Martin  is making a serious charge for his first Cup championship.  Martin’s re-awakening has prompted me to pose this poll question below. 

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Kyle, Guitar Smashing, Retrospective Thoughts

Getty Images

(photo by Getty Images)


Just some after thoughts on ol Kylie’s guitar smashing celebration at Nashville last week.  In the days following that unprecedented guitar smashing in the post victory celebration, there were mixed reviews.  However, most of the journalists that cover NASCAR, both in print and video, were appalled at THE WEASEL’s smashing of the custom built and painted “Les Paul” Gibson guitar.  That trophy from Nashville has become one of the most prized and coveted trophies on the NASCAR tour!  

Smashing that guitar in Nashville is like launching a loogie at Whistler’s Mother in the Musee d’Orsay museum!  Nobody really gets hurt by that act, but it sure tells the rest of the people to go directly to HELL!

 That is the message that ol Kylie Busch, aka THE LAS VEGAS WEASEL,  seems to be sending to the entire racing world!! 

TLVW seems to revel in the fact that he is alienating a large segment of the race fans.  Is he trying to be the “cowboy in the black hat”??  There is no doubt that this talented 24 year old can WHELL a race car around any facility in this country!  But such behavior  is not only childish, but is idiotic by any standard!

What is your take?

Reminder to me:  Never lend a guitar to Kyle Busch, he is very hard on the instrument!

Stewart Has Plenty Of Gas

Victory fueled from within 

(photo courtesy of nascar.com)

You had to know that it was only a matter of time before Tony Stewart took Stewart-Haas Racing to Victory Circle.  The All-Star race was no fluke.  The former #66 and #70 Haas-CNC Racing teams were, in the past few years just race fillers of sorts.  Neither of those teams were even top 25 teams, but look where the teams are now in the 2009 standings, the #14 Office Depot Chevy driven by Tony Stewart is leading the points and the #39 Army Chevy driven by Ryan Newman is 4th in the points.

There were many doubters, this reporter included, that THE SMOKER (Tony Stewart) could have that much of an impact on the organization this quickly.  It is quite remarkable that both of the race teams are having a huge turnaround in performance over the 2008 race year.  As much a this reporter hates to admit it, there is one and only person responsible for the 180 degree change and that would be none other than THE SMOKER!

Has Kyle Gone To Far?

Getty Images
(photo by Getty Images)
Just when I thought that I might even be more positive about that “poor misguided soul” from Las Vegas, ol Kylie does something again that is so outlandish and asinine that I was completely dumbfounded!  Yes he can drive the wheels of any car that he gets into.  Yes he has become a very dominating race car driver in NASCAR.  Likewise, TLVW (The Las Vegas Weasel) is also arrogant, pouting, and very childish in his behavior!  But I believe that what THE WEASEL did last night, after dominating the Nationwide Series at Nashville takes the cake, period!  It leaves me asking the question, just what does ol Kylie have between those dumbo ears and behind that Alfred E. Neuman face of his?  Anyone have a clue?
Saturday night after winning and dominating in the Nationwide Series at Nashville, ol Kylie is presented the custom $2000.00 hand painted “Les Paul Signature” Gibson guitar, that for nine years has become the much coveted trademark trophy for winning the Nashville race.  What happened next was just mind blowing.
TLVWtook that custom Gibson guitar and smashed it on the ground into hundreds of pieces!  Does Busch think that he is part of the British rock band THE WHODoes he think he is Roger Daltrey or Pete Townshend with his “guitar destruction” fete at Nashville?  He even had the poor misguided thought to compare himself , afterwards in an interview, to those two from THE WHO, as well as KISS and Ozzy Osburne???  I am missing something here!  Kyle is a race car driver, pure and simple,  not a ROCK STAR!!!  REALLY C’MON KYLE!
Between TLVW’s pouting, rants, avoiding interviews, and infantile arrogance, this outlandish behavior is inexplicable by most who observed it!  Between his often aggressive driving style, and now his over- the- top celebrations, what will we see next from this poor misguided soul?  It is starting to look like a soap opera….As The Race Wheel Turns!
What do you think, is Kyle over the top or just good entertainment?

Double File Restarts Are Here!


(photo by Leon Hammack)


NASCAR has heard the fans loud and clear! 

There has been much speculation about this subject ever since the All-Star race last month at Lowe’s Motor Speedway.   Today NASCAR has officially announced that the double file restarts will be in effect starting this weekend at Pocono for the Cup Series.  Brian France stated earlier, “We have heard the fans loud and clear-‘double file restarts-shootout style’ are coming to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.  This addition to the race format is good for competition and good for the fans”.  The double file format will be added to the Nationwide Series and the Truck Series in the near future. 

Under the new format, the leader will have the option whether to start on the inside or the outside of the front row. The second place competitor would then move to the appropriate lane, depending where the pole sitter wanted to start on the front row.  All other competitors would line up in their allotted position.  The leader would still control the tempo of the starts/restarts for the race, as always.

There is also a change to the “free pass” or the lucky dog” rule.  There would still be the ability to get the free pass on yellow flag restarts.  However, a new change would allow the free pass to happen throughout the entire race on all restarts.  Previously there were no “free passes” issued with 10 laps or less remaining in the race.  This new change removes the possibility of lapped cars being behind the pace car, the leaders in the middle of the pack, and thus allowing the leaders to take the green flag unimpeded by lapped cars.  That is the new change  to restarts in a nutshell!

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