Camel Motorsports?


(photo courtesy Leon Hamack)

Breaking News!!

Read my article on the “new agreement” between George Gillett, the primary shareholder of Richard Petty Motorsports and Prince Faisal of the Royal Saudi Family.  It is the first step in Gillett selling his stake in Richard Petty Motorsports to the Royal Family!

Look out for one fast “camel jockey”, here he comes!

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Me, Lynard Skynard, and Sweet Home Alabama!

2009 Daytona 500 080

(photo by Leon Hammack)

I have always said that “if I ever get a chance to go to Talladega Superspeedway, I wouldn’t miss that opportunity”!  Well I just got that opportunity!

It is hello Lynard Skynard and  ‘SWEET HOME ALABAMA” here I come!!!

Big wheels keep on turning!

Carry me home to see my kin.

Singing songs about the southland.

I miss Alabama once again,

and I think it’s a sin….



Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting!


(photo by Leon Hammack)

The question of the night is; Can THE WEASEL make it into the Chase for the Cup??

I think that we will see an  extremely aggressive Kyle Busch tonight!  If you think that he is normally a very aggressive driver, watch the race tonight!  Ol Kylie will be driving tonight like he has a “HELMET FIRE”!!

So if he fails to make it into the top 12 tonight, be prepared to see a very short, whiny, caustic, hostile, typical ol Kylie Busch.  It is my prediction we will see THE LAS VEGAS WEASEL personality at it finest!!

What is your take on the race tonight?  Who will make into the Chase?  Who is going to be left out this year?

Tonight is bumping, beating, banging, and some aggressive racing at  The Chevy Rock and Roll 400! Check you emotions and feelings at the pit gate, it is time to “LET THE BIG DAWG EAT”!!  IT IS TIME TO GO!!

Pull those belts tight, pull your gloves up over your elbows, and get ready to mash on the loud pedal!!

“Saturday is alright for fighting”, Elton John!