Brad Paisley Rocks Daytona

Brad Paisley just finished his four song set at Daytona International Speedway. His song set consisted of “This is Country Music”, “Mud On The
Tires”,”American Saturday Night”, & “Water”.

Mr. Paisley really rocked the Daytona International Speedway crowd this afternoon!!

Note to me: Got to go see his show!

From high up in the Sprint Cup Tower:

Roger,Wilco, Over, and Out!

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Daytona 500 Pre Race Festivities

Good morning race fans!

As you can see, the race track is getting all the final equipment in place for the Brad Paisley pre race concert, as well as the driver intros.

For those who have never made the pilgrimage to Daytona, the atmosphere is electric, the fans are energized, and excitement is in the air! Today’s race promises to deliver intensity and excitement for the fans.

The underlying story line is the 10th anniversary of Dale Earnhardt,Sr’s death. As we all remember, it was in the last turn of the last lap of the 2001 Daytona 500 that the tragedy occurred, forever impacting motor sports.

Can Michael Waltrip visit victory lane as he did for his very first time on the bone chilling Sunday afternoon? Can Dale Earnhardt,Jr. win his second Harley J. Earl trophy, a fitting tribute to his father, The Intimidator!

Those questions and many more will be answered in about 6 hours. So tune into “The Great American Race” to see what unfolds!

Til next time, I am still working on my REDNECK!

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Good Morning Race Fans

Live from the “World Center of Speed”, the Daytona International Speedway, today is final practice for the Sprint Cup cars for Sunday’s Daytona 500. Additionally, today the Nationwide Series races in “The Drive 4 COPD 300. The weather is ripe for a fast and exciting car race in about two hours.

See you after the races!

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A New Set Of Digits


(Captain Blowdri with his old C-141, photo courtesy Leon Hammack)

Last month while spending about 16 days in Tucson, AZ, I got to spend a day at Davis-Monthan AFB, the home of the military “boneyard” for their retired aircraft.  The bus tour through the acres upon acres of jets, both fighters, bombers, cargo, utility jets, as well as, propeller driven vintage military airplanes, was very interesting and nostalgic for this old USAF pilot!  I wrote about my cool adventure and all the emotions that ran through my brain that day.

Having celebrated a monumental birthday this week, and acquiring a new set digits, “60” big ones, I have been reminiscing about my days with the old “relics” of my past.  As I pondered over my trip to the “boneyard”, pleasant thoughts rushed through my brain when I thought about my time flying the T-37 Tweet and T-38 Talon during my thirteen months of USAF Undergraduate Pilot Training at Williams AFB, located just on the southeast side of Phoenix back in 1973-74.  Even more great memories lingered in my brain regarding my days at the helm of the C-141 Starlifter, flying all over the world from 1975-79.

Nevertheless, I was quite disappointed to see that just because these aircraft had gotten older, in essence they have inherited a new set of digits when reflecting their age as well, that their days of usefulness were terminated, and rather unfortunately, placed out to pasture in the “boneyard”.  It appears that we, as a culture, are quick to “put out to pasture” things that have gotten old, or been assigned a new set of digits!

Now that I have taken a medical retirement from United Air Lines, received a new set of digits (60’s), I might be getting a little paranoid that “they” are soon coming to put me out to pasture, like the aircraft that I flew in youth in the USAF!  I mean after all, I have been retired, and my time of usefulness most likely has run out!  With those thoughts running through my head, I think that I need to acquire some disguises for when I do venture out of my house.  Thereby prolonging my sense of security, and prolonging the day in which I am found out and “put out to pasture” with the rest of the old relics!

I am thinking that I need to possibly purchase a Superman costume.  What do you think? After all, I do know how to fly with over 24,000 hours of flight experience!  But I am having trouble leaping tall buildings with a single bound.  Oh by the way, I am afraid to try to stop a speeding bullet!  On the other hand, kryptonite has absolutely no affect on my strength, or lack thereof!

Oh I know, maybe even a Billy Gibbons disguise.  You know Billy Gibbons don’t you?  He is the singer for that little Texas band, ZZ Top!  You know he wears those funky wool hats, sunglasses and a beard down to his navel. “They” would never be able to discover who I really was with that disguise. Maybe yet I could get a Jerry Garcia disguise from Grateful Dead.  Oh man just one problem, Jerry died a quite few years ago……

HMMM, on second thought, not a good idea!

Maybe I could get a Bill Clinton disguise, yes that’s ticket!   Ummm no, maybe that is not such a great idea either, I remember that he didn’t have such great tailors. It seemed like his zippers always seem to fall down!

Oh I got it yeah, yeah, yeah, I could get either a Sara Palin disguise or a George W. Busch costume, after all they both have 24 hour a day security details with them.  With either I could be well protected from being “put out to pasture”.  Well nevertheless, on closer review, probably neither are great ideas!  After further analysis, with one I would need to get a boob job, guess which one!  However, and here is the kicker, with both I would most definitely need to have a frontal lobotomy!!

Is being 60 years old over the hill, or is 60 the new 30? YIIPPEE!!  Viagra anyone??

What am I to do, now that I have acquired a new set of digits? Is it paranoid time or party time, you be the judge??

Maybe I will start wearing my sunglasses at night!



Anything Like Me?


(Jason and Jeremy)

As I was driving to Fresno last week, I had about nine hours to think about many things.  I heard a song on the radio that got me thinking about my thoughts and feelings of when I became a dad. The song, “Anything Like Me”, is written by Chris DuBois, Dave Turnbull, and Brad Paisley, who sang the song.

Jason was born in November of 1973, with Jeremy making an entrance to the world in March 1978.  I was a young USAF officer,22 and 27 years old respectively, when those two young boys were born.

I still vividly remember, in both cases, seeing the ultrasound images of both fetus’ and wondering who these two boys were going go grow up to be.  Then I thought, heaven help us if they grow up anything like me!

I remember thinking about all the things that would happen to these two boys as they grew up.  Some of those fears did occur, some did not.  Nevertheless, the first twenty two years of being a Dad was the most challenging part of all my almost 60 years on this Earth!

Rather than me enumerate all those questions and concerns that, most likely you will agree, plague all new parents along the journey of raising children, I will suggest that you watch the video.  Listen very closely to the lyrics and I think that it will trigger some feelings and emotions that will revive some of those dormant feelings from your early parenting days!

I will, however, leave you with just a few of the lyrics that has rang oh so true for me!

“He’s gonna love me and hate me along the way
Years are gonna fly by I already dread the day
He’s gonna hug his momma, he’s gonna shake my hand
He’s gonna act like he cant wait to leave
But as he drives out he’ll cry his eyes out
If he’s anything like me there’s worse folks to be like
Aw he’ll be alright if he’s anything like me”

Now Jason and Jeremy are grown men, ages 37 and 32 respectively.  Jeremy has two children, Cole who is eight years old, and Hannah who is four years old.

After long and tedious review, it would appear that each of my two sons have grown up to somewhat like me….”heaven help us”!

But there are worse folks to be like!

Play close attention to this video Jeremy, your time is at hand!!