Happy Birthday Dad!!

Happy Birthday Dad. I was reflecting on all the times we had in my life and thought I would post some of those here. Thanks dad for all you have done and all the good times we have had. Who can forget all the roller coasters that we have done!! The X at Six Flags being the best ever.

Me and Dad riding the Best Roller coaster ever!!

hangin in Hawaii

Minature Golf
Camping and Racing
NASCAR in Las Vegas
Dirt Track Racing at Las Vegas

Happy Birthday Dad

Happy Birthday to ME!

I guess I am the first guest blogger here on this site. I Just wanted to say thanks for being my dad. We have had ups and boy have had our downs, but the last few years have been Priceless!!! Dad I love you, all of you including your 1 million T-shirts. As I sit here and think of you Dad I remember:

  • Standing up in the middle of the sit in the blue Ford Courier while getting some errands done with you.
  • Going to air shows at Travis and seeing the C-141 and C-5 airplanes.
  • Riding roller coaster rides at the several amusement parks.
  • Always hearing you say “Work smarter not harder”,  I guess that is why I am a computer geek.
  • Hearing you say “The decisions you make now will come come back haunt you, so choose wisely.”
  • Skiing in down a big long trail on the last run of the day.
  • Eating at Burger King with when you came to Fresno to visit.
  • I can’t forget getting a NASCAR T-shirt every time you came into Fresno

Oh and the reason why this site is here, going to see races, be it the Outlaws at hanford ,  NASCAR in Atlanta or California or the drags in Denver. Thanks for all the memories you have created and I look forward to all the memories we will create together in the future. HAPPY 58th BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!

Happy fathers Day Dad

I racked my brain with what I could do for Fathers day. I know you have gotten many books form me and alot other items. I just wanted to give you something that I really thought yoy would use for a long time coming. So i talked with your other son and this is what came of it. I love you dad and look forward to the next season of life (fresno living). I am looking forward to our relationships growth. It will be very cool to know I could just drive down the street and hang out with my Dad for as long as i want. Happy Fathers Day dad