Jason’s Birthday



Today  is Jason’s 33rd birthday.   I know in my heart that it just can’t be true!   It seems that just a couple of years ago I was 33.    In fact, it was really 22 years ago that I was 33 years old!   Where did the years go?   That reminds me of the lyrics in a Bob Seger song….”Like a Rock”.

“twenty years where did they go, twenty years   I don’t know.   And sometimes late at night, oh  when I’m bathed in the firelight, I RECALL!!       I RECALL!!”

When I look in the   mirror, I recall.  





Cole and baby Hannah

The Holiday Season is rapidly approaching!  

This is the third time I have attempted to write this article and that first sentence above is all that is left from all my editing.

Three days to Thanksgiving and I would like to reflect on what I am thankful for this year.   I am very thankful for my family and all the support they have given me throughout the years.  

 I am very thankful for the relationship with my two sons that, in the last few years, we have solidfied,( those teenage years were not easy).  I am really getting into being a grandfather, it is really cool!!   Cole has really melted my heart and has become my “buddy”.   Hannah hasn’t been able to work “her magic” on me yet, but I know it coming!

 My Mom has finally seen her youngest son return home, and I know that she is glad that has happened.   I am thankful to have parents like the pair that  I have.  

I have the best bunch of brothers and sister that I could ever have asked for!   I really enjoy the camraderie when we all get together.   In spite of all the bickering that went on when we were all growing up, we really do love one another these days. Will miracles never cease to happen?

Finally,  I am extremely thankful for that one special someone that only comes around once in your lifetime!   Fortunately, she came around twice in my lifetime!!!!   She was my best friend 23 years ago and we were too stupid and stubborn  to make it work.   But age and maturity has shed a whole new light on our relationship and we are committed to making it work this time.

Thank you Karen for finding me again!!  

Happy fathers Day Dad

I racked my brain with what I could do for Fathers day. I know you have gotten many books form me and alot other items. I just wanted to give you something that I really thought yoy would use for a long time coming. So i talked with your other son and this is what came of it. I love you dad and look forward to the next season of life (fresno living). I am looking forward to our relationships growth. It will be very cool to know I could just drive down the street and hang out with my Dad for as long as i want. Happy Fathers Day dad