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Welcome to my web site.

Let me give you some information about “Captain Blowdri”.

That was nickname that I received about 1977 in the U.S. Air Force while flying C-141’s at Travis AFB, CA.  Through thick and thin the nickname has stuck with me after separating from the Air Force, working at Eastern Airlines, and throughout my career at United Airlines.  At both of these jobs, there were squadron-mates from my Air Force days, therefore the nickname stuck!

This site is about my family and the strange and funny things that I am confronted with in my everyday life as an airline pilot.  The photos that accompany this web site are photos that I have taken in my travels.

I hope that I can inform you, intrigue you, make you think, make you laugh, or just make your day more enjoyable.

Come on in, look around, make yourself at home, join in and leave a comment.

PS If you are just interested in pure racing, and in particular NASCAR, visit my other web site at:

www.workingonmyredneck.com .

Drop in, check it out, leave a comment!

Thanks for dropping by my world!


Captain Blowdri (aka Leon Hammack)


5 Replies to “About Captain Blowdri”

  1. Leon,

    How are you? Andy Gambardella and I are in MIA going through Airbus recurrent training. If you didn’t know we both work for the FAA in Denver. We will be in Daytona on Sunday for the race. If you have any good info for us let us know.

  2. Leon Thank You, Tissue or Plastic? Tissue is life and plastic an invention, let that life continue in thought and love, from day one you have always been……well…..LOU JUST Leon! Amazing how your just a traveler. Amazing how I can go into the 60’s and changed not really just valued and believe me..more than can be spoken. Thank You for showing that you were truly a genius, truly the motion in Archie & Ola Mae’s sanity. God love you for giving there minds such a memorable gift you share with your brothers and sister, cousins, nephews, nieces. Its awesome to hear your energy and wisdom!

  3. Leon,

    Saw your message regarding Williams AFB. I, too, have many treasured memories of that grand Air Force Base. Currently, I am a volunteer at Mesa Gateway. it gives me a chance to reminisce about the wonderful times we had at Williams AFB. My former husband (Lt. Col. Leonard Morgan, Retired/deceased) was an instructor for Iranian air force pilots in 1972-73. On several occasions, I have attempted to locate several of the landmarks – O’Club, commissary, base exchange and 425th TFS. It is getting more difficult to identiy exactly where everything was located. As a matter of fact, I think the 425th Squardron bldg. was one of the last buildings to be removed. There is a restaurant near the new terminal – the Flight Deck restaurant. Inside the walls are filled with pictures and memorabilia. It just does your heart good to sit in the restaurant and look out at the flight deck where so many excellent Air Force personnel served. We left Willy in 1974 and headed off to Iran. We were one of the last groups to be stationed in Iran – more great memories. My close friend was married in the chapel at Willy in 1958, and I was trying to find an old picture of the wooden chapel as a surprise gift for her. Then I came across your post.

    Thanks bringing back some very special memories…….

    Marlene Morgan

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