And Then There Were Four!


Not only is the sun setting on the airplanes in this picture, the sun is also starting to set on the “Chase for the Cup”.   As I said last week, it appears that it is Jeff Gordon’s championship to win or loose.   His teammate, Jimmie Johnson, is really the only competition.   Like it or not, Hendrick Motorsports will have another championship to add to their trophy case.

Our standings just got a whole lot tighter!!!!   Four of us picked the winner this week!   Karen, Mark, Carolyn, your truly, all picked Jimmie Johnson for Martinsville!   Scott looked like a shoe-in to win this segment, but he ate 23 points today and opened up the door for Mark, Richard the NASCAR Picker, and Jeremy to gain valuable ground.  

Apparently the “Committee” has put the “FEAR” into him!!!!!   But there is still more work to do on the investigation!  


1.     SCOTT—————–71

2.     MARK——————73

3.     RICHARD————–78

4.     JEREMY—————-80

5.     LARRY—————–87

6.     JIM——————–95

7.     ZEE——————–97

8.     LEON—————–102

9.     JESSE—————-121

10.   CAROLYN———–127

11.   EDIE—————-128

12.   CAROLE————129

13.   LYNETTE———–131

14.   KAREN————-135

15.   JERRY————-162

16.   RICK————–193

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