Anything Like Me?


(Jason and Jeremy)

As I was driving to Fresno last week, I had about nine hours to think about many things.  I heard a song on the radio that got me thinking about my thoughts and feelings of when I became a dad. The song, “Anything Like Me”, is written by Chris DuBois, Dave Turnbull, and Brad Paisley, who sang the song.

Jason was born in November of 1973, with Jeremy making an entrance to the world in March 1978.  I was a young USAF officer, 22 and 27 years old respectively, when those two young boys were born.

I still vividly remember, in both cases, seeing the ultrasound images of both fetus’ and wondering who these two boys were going go grow up to be.  Then I thought, heaven help us if they grow up anything like me!

I remember thinking about all the things that would happen to these two boys as they grew up.  Some of those fears did occur, some did not.  Nevertheless, the first twenty two years of being a Dad was the most challenging part of all my almost 60 years on this Earth!

Rather than me enumerate all those questions and concerns that, most likely you will agree, plague all new parents along the journey of raising children, I will suggest that you watch the video.  Listen very closely to the lyrics and I think that it will trigger some feelings and emotions that will revive some of those dormant feelings from your early parenting days!

I will, however, leave you with just a few of the lyrics that has rang oh so true for me!

“He’s gonna love me and hate me along the way
Years are gonna fly by I already dread the day
He’s gonna hug his momma, he’s gonna shake my hand
He’s gonna act like he can’t wait to leave
But as he drives out he’ll cry his eyes out
If he’s anything like me there’s worse folks to be like
Aw he’ll be alright if he’s anything like me”

Now Jason and Jeremy are grown men, ages 37 and 32 respectively.  Jeremy has two children, Cole who is eight years old, and Hannah who is four years old.

After long and tedious review, it would appear that each of my two sons have grown up to somewhat like me….”heaven help us”!

But there are worse folks to be like!

Play close attention to this video Jeremy, your time is at hand!!


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  1. Hey Dad just wanted to say thanks for ever thing you have done for me n my family. You have been a great role model for me n I love you with all my heart.One thing you n me have in common is we have a big heart n we care about each other,and other people.Thx for being true to who you are and let’s keep make our relationship better love you Daddy-o

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