Atlanta Kobalt 500

Cole's 5th B'Day 078  

No this isn’t the car of tomorrow!!!   But it does sometimes have an aero push!!!

This weekend was the Kyle Busch Show.   He was the class of the field on Friday for the Craftsman Truck race.   Like Las Vegas, he was passing everything in sight.   He ran the high line, he ran the low line, he even ran in the infield!!!!!!   Grass, dirt, pavement, it didn’t matter he put his ride wherever he wanted!!!   As DW says,” Kyle is the only one who can run three wide all by himself”!!!!!!

His efforts paid off in the CTS Truck race with a Friday night win.   He dominated the Saturday Nationwide race only to have a right front tire blowout after he led more that 140 laps.   That opened up the door forr Matt Kensth to win.

Sunday Kyle was at it again!   His Toyota was very strong all day.   When Carl Edwards’ car “tanked”, that opened up the door for Kyle to lead the final laps and give Toyota its first Cup victory.

2008 has all the markings of a really exciting season!!!!


1.     KAREN—————–18

2.     LEON——————-27

3.     CAROLYN————–34


5.     LYNETTE————–52

6.     ZEE——————-59

7.     SCOTT—————-64

8.     JERRY—————-67

9     RICHARD————-69

10.   CAROLE————-82

11.   EDIE—————-91

12.   JIM—————-100

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  1. Hi Honey,

    Too bad that you dislike “Rowdy” so much, as he would be a good driver to pull for, since he seems to have the most going for him this year !!! Next time you are at the races, could you run by and pick me up a #18 anything… I’m not choosy ~~ a tee shirt, visor, jammies or anything will do.. I have to show my support to him like I do Smoke … lol Love you and enjoy the little commentaries and video’s……..

    Blondie aka Your Wife

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