Battle of the Beer Wagon!


For most of the Pocono race it was the battle  of “The Beer Wagons”!   The Red Budweiser car with its Clydesdales under the hood  was strong today, but there was no disputing who had the “strongest horses”.    The Miller #2 was soooooo dominating that it was scarey.   Kurt Busch, aka the Jimmy Spencer punching bag, led 175 laps of the 200 lap race!   What a show of domination for the Penske organization.

The standings have continued to tighten up.   There are only 24 points that separate positions 1 thru 8, so the money is still flying in the breeze!   Also we can say that we have 3 very solid individuals anchoring the bottom!   Rick, Richard, and Miss Edie are doing a spectaular job of being “Tail Gun Charlie”!!!!!!!   We had 3 people pick the winner, Mark, Jerry , and yours truely!!   If only James Brown was alive he would give a me a big “HA,GOOD GOD”!!!!!!  

Note: A new feature added today is a note on who moves up or down ( + -) the most in the new standings.   No need to thank me, I here to please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   haha)

I will send out and e-mail with the Excel spreadsheet for everyone’s edification today also.

The Standings:

1.     Leon——————-77   (Pick the winner)

2.     Scott——————87

3.     Jim——————–95


5.     Zee——————–96

6.   Jerry——————100   (Picked the winner)

7.    Carolyn—————109

8.   Carole—————-111

9.   Mark——————134   (moved +3)


11. Karen—————-140

12. Lynette————–144   (Moved -2)

13. Larry—————–150

14. Edie——————167

15. Richard————–184

16. Rick——————190

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  1. I must admit Kurt Busch,and the Penske team did a great job, I don’t recall anybody passing the 2 car in the race, under the green flag,all day!!!!!!Just wait for the final ten!!!!! Big SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jimmy

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