California 500

That title to the blog is very appropriate.   It felt like it was 500 degrees at the race track!!!!!   The temperature was brutal!!!!   The high temp at our campsite on Sunday at about 4:30pm was 113.4 degrees.   Fontana, CA was sweltering.   It was so hot that we did not even go to our seats for Saturday evening’s  Busch race or for Sunday’s Cup race!!!!!   We sat in  our air conditioned RV and watched the race from relatively cool seats on TV!   It was the most uncomfortable weekend of NASCAR racing that I have been to ever.

Now that I have complained about the weather, the racing, however,  was outstanding!   I can’t believe that the drivers didn’t get heat strokes or something.

We had two people pick the winner this week, Richard and Jesse-way to go.

This Friday night sets the field for the Chase, so please get me your top 12 picks ASAP after the Richmond race.   It takes some time to compile them and distribute the picks back to everyone!!!!


1.     Richard————-1 (Picked the winner)

          Jesse—————-1 (Picked the winner)

3.     Leon—————–2

4.     Scott—————–3

5.     Jeremy—————5

6.     Mark——————7





11.   Lynette————-13

12.   Zee—————–14

13.   Edie—————-19

14.   Karen————–22



11.   lynette

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