Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting!


(photo by Leon Hammack)

The question of the night is; Can THE WEASEL make it into the Chase for the Cup??

I think that we will see an  extremely aggressive Kyle Busch tonight!  If you think that he is normally a very aggressive driver, watch the race tonight!  Ol Kylie will be driving tonight like he has a “HELMET FIRE”!!

So if he fails to make it into the top 12 tonight, be prepared to see a very short, whiny, caustic, hostile, typical ol Kylie Busch.  It is my prediction we will see THE LAS VEGAS WEASEL personality at it finest!!

What is your take on the race tonight?  Who will make into the Chase?  Who is going to be left out this year?

Tonight is bumping, beating, banging, and some aggressive racing at  The Chevy Rock and Roll 400! Check you emotions and feelings at the pit gate, it is time to “LET THE BIG DAWG EAT”!!  IT IS TIME TO GO!!

Pull those belts tight, pull your gloves up over your elbows, and get ready to mash on the loud pedal!!

“Saturday is alright for fighting”, Elton John!


Kyle Steps On His Crank!

Kyle Busch trashes the trophy after race at Nashville Superspeedway earlier in the season.

(The infamous guitar smashing event)

Following his win at Bristol, Kyle Busch went to Nashville to compete in a Champion Racing Association event at the Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway.  Sparks started to fly WAY before the waving of the green flag for the start of the race.

Busch told a track PR representative that it was “STUPID” to incorporate his (Busch’s) pre-race press conference with that of Chase Elliott, the 14 year old son of “Awesome Bill from Dawsonville” Elliott, and the 16 year old female driver, Johanna Long, who was to start on the pole for that race.

As the press conference began, Busch was asked if he regretted the smashing of the guitar that Sam Bass had custom crafted for the winner of that event at the other Nashville race track back in June.  “Nope”, replied Busch. “we had a great time and a lot of good has come of it.”

When asked another question about the guitar smashing, Kyle Busch snapped, “You have been told to ask only about the CRA (Champion Racing Association)”.  One of the Busch entourage heatedly confronted the reporter whom he called a“BLEEPING” idiot” for asking Busch about the guitar incident.  That same unidentified person made a slashing motion across his throat signaling Busch to end the exchange with reporters, which had become very heated!

One veteran TV sports reporter said that the press conference was the most heated, tension-filled press conference he had ever witnessed.

Once again ol Kylie Busch (The Las Vegas Weasel) lives up to his childish, spoiled little boy, bad loser, very arrogant, pompous, self-centered reputation!

Will he ever grow up?


Danger Zone??

Well folks I survived working 15 out of 17 days in row!  My employer is really trying to testing my physical stamina!  But I do have one thing to look forward to now…..four days in Knoxville, Iowa!! I am meeting one of my brothers and sister-in-law, Jim and Edie.  They have been there enjoying the  360 Sprint Car Nationals and going to Oscaloosa for more sprint Car races.

I am leaving Tuesday morning after I have some tests done to determine if I have carpel tunnel in both hands. YUCK!!! ( I hate needles and tests!!)

To describe Knoxville, IA during the four days of the Knoxville Nationals is very simple.  They are truly the nicest people around.  The whole community bands together to produce this great event.  The civic organizations like the Rotary and Kiwanis Clubs put on “all you can eat’ breakfasts each morning for a very reasonable price.  Thursday evening the Catholic Church puts on a spaghetti feed.  There are all kinds of “good food’ to purchase from various other civic organizations as well.

But the true attraction, this time of the year in Knoxville, is that all the best Sprint Car teams from throughout the USA will descend upon this town to try to claim the $150,000.00 prize money for the winner of the Saturday Night Knoxville Nationals feature race!  It is a dirt track race fan’s dream come true!

So folks, for the next week this good ol boy is going to be sitting down just past the start/finish line, towards turn one at Marion County Fairgrounds, better known as The Knoxville Nationals!!!! I am going to get me a snoot full of Marion County clay and burned alcohol from the headers of those 1150 lb., 850 horsepower, mud slinging, alcohol burning, winged racing machines!!

They are driving on the very edge, the danger zone!! God, you gotta just love it!!



ESPN Cable Outage!!??

Lihue 080

(photo by Leon Hammack)

It is August 3, 2009, I am laying over at the Kauai Marriott on Kalapaki Beach, the NASCAR race was postoned til Monday morning at 6am Hawaii time.  So I set my alarm to wake up early this morning to watch the race live!!!  As I turn off my alarm, wipe “the sleep from my eyes”, go to the bathroom, and do all the morning stuff that has become “my morning ritual”  I turn on the TV and find the channel associated with ESPN on the hotel cable.  To my surprise, that channel is BLANK!  B_L_A_N_K!!! I have ESPN2, ESPN Classic, all the other channels are working fine…….BUT NO ESPN!!    How can this be?

So I call the front desk to report the malfunction. After 45 minutes they tell me that it is problem with their cable provider.  Well fire the cable company, don’t you know!!!  We can send a man to the moon, rescue our failing economy, lead the world in all of  technology, but the cable company can’t fix the satellite feed for ESPN to their cable customers!!!  Flatly, I can’t have ESPN on my TV!!!   Again how can this be???  Here I am sitting a  four star Marriott resort and I can’t even watch a NASCAR race from Pocono!!  Needless to say, this ol REDNECK was and is still LIVID!!

So I have come up with an excellent idea!  The picture of the Kauai Marriott weather station at the beginning of this article needs to updated.   Is is located between the pool and the beach on a very cool walkway that everybody uses. I am going to alter the sign  so that it is absolutely correct.  I will add another line to the bottom of the weather station that will read…….



Just Holdin’ My line!

Kyle Busch hits the wall after he was involved in...

TLVW once again is involved in wild finish at Daytona.  He also was involved in the “photo finish”  in 2007, when Jamie McMurray squeaked out a victory over Busch in the July Pepsi 400 by .005 of a second!  That is close!

For more on this exhilarating race join me at:

Well, there was more than just one “Big One”  Saturday night! Many of our picks got collected up in various forms in those high speed gatherings of drivers!

It is such a “handling ” track versus a speed track, that the drivers are on the edge continuously.  there is one song that fits this race, ” Stuck in the Middle with You”. The lyrics from that old Stealers Wheel song rang true!  “Clowns to left of me, jokers to the right, here I am stuck in the middle with you”!!!

Only Karen and Carolyn earned  single digits from the race!  The rest of us ate double digits for our choices for the Coke Zero 400!!  Yours truly gobbled up 39 points sending me right to the cellar!

With those big numbers that I ate, I am now in last place, and leading the race for  the “BOUDREAUAX’S BUTT PASTE AWARD”! Somebody help  me!

What did you think about the Coke Zero 400 Saturday night?  Exciting or not?  Was there anyone person to blame for that “Big Crash” at the end of the race? Sound off!

Happy 4th of July!

Lihue 026 

(Kalapaki Beach:photo by Leon Hammack)


Well folks here I am at Kalapaki Beach at Lihue on the 4th of July.  Well you might think that it gets no better.  But I can tell you that there is one place that I would rather be this evening,”The World Center of Speed”……Daytona International Speedway!


In just a few short hours there will be a 400 mile race that will be a very exciting cap to the 4th of July weekend!  Those double file restarts in the waning stages of the race will prove to be an attention getter, for sure!!


So from the Hawaiian Island of Kuai——Aloha!  Have a safe and pleasant holiday.


PS   Dale Earnhardt, Jr. has made satements about taking his operations, JR Motorsports, to Cup next year. for my article on that subject follow me over at: