Chicagoland Results


  • Joliet is a lighting fast mile and a half, slightly wierd shaped racing facility.   The front stretch is   “D” shaped and the back stretch is slightly curved, so that there is really no “straight-aways”!!
  • Everyone had a good week at the race track, with the exception of those who chose Jimmy Johnson and Kasey Kahne!   I express my condolences for those individuals!!!
  • The standings jumbled up some and got tighter in a few positions.   Mark picked his first winner and jumped up a few spots in the standings, congrats to him!   Positions 3-9 are only separated by 30 points.   Positions 9-13 are, likewise, only separated by 31 points!!   So there  is still time for “a run to the front”!!!!!
  • Next Sunday is a week off for NASCAR, so we have time to work on our next segment picks.   Please get them together and sent to THE NEW SHERIFF so  he can get everything put into Excel, ok???????????????


      The Standings:

1.     Carolyn————–56

2.     Leon—————–69

3.     Zee——————73

4.     Jesse—————-80

5.     Scott—————-81

6.     Jim——————83

7.     Lynette————-84

8.     Jerry—————97

9.     Carole————-103

10.   Karen————-124

11.   Larry————–126

12.   Mark————–129   ( Pick the winner)

13.   Jeremy———–131

14.   Edie————–134

15.   Richard———-151

16.   Rick————–177

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