Crew Chief Swaps!


The rumors and the rumblings are starting to get into high gear.  It always seems that when certain teams are under performing, the rumor mill cranks up.  There were reports on Jayski ( that there has been meetings at Hendrick Motorsports regarding the crew chiefs of the #5 team and the #88 team switching assignments.  This follows some of the news media  calling for Tony Eury, Jr.’s head!  This follows the #88 team’s under performance so far in the 2009 season.  Dale Earnhardt, Jr. has repeatedly defended his crew chief/cousin’s performance or lack thereof!  But the truth is the truth, the #88 AMP/National Guard Chevy is mired somewhere back in mid-pack as far as the standings go.

However, it is a fact that the Hendrick Motorsports #88 AMP/National Guard Chevy has lacked performance in this season up this date.  Likewise, the # 5 Kelloggs Chevy has been sub par with the lone exception of the victory last week in Phoenix.  So it would not be a stretch of the imagination that quite possibly there might be a change looming for both of these race teams.  One sure way to eliminate those nasty rumors is to run up front and not make those, sometimes, bonehead mistakes that have played a part in both teams under performances in 2009.

An update to this leak of information comes from “a high-up”at Hendrick Motorsports.  This person, who was not identified, stated flatly, “there is not a shred of truth to that idea”.  That idea being the crew chief swaps.

There will no doubt be more on this subject, unless the #88 AMP/National Guard Chevy picks up their performance!


On the other hand, RCR has announced that there will be an entire crew change between the #29 Shell/Penzoil Chevy and the #07 Jack Daniels Chevy.  The drivers, however will remain with their perspective race cars at Richard Childress Racing( RCR PR).


Lastly, Hall of Fame Racing/Yates Racing has announced that Bobby Labonte will receive a new crew chief.  Ben Leslie has been hired to replace Todd Parrott as the #96 Ford.

So here are not even one third of the way through the 2009 NASCAR season and the changes are beginning!

What is your thoughts on “The Silly Season” already beginning???

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