Deep in the Heart of Texas!


“The stars at night are big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas”   Well folks, the “NASCAR stars” came out in Texas last weekend!!!!   The boys came to Ft. Worth for a weekend of “Haulin’ the Mail” at Texas Motor Speedway!!!

Thursday and Friday the weather didn’t cooperate with the agenda of Cup practice and Nationwide qualifying.   So the Nationwide Series lined up for their race on Saturday by ’08 owner points.   I only have one thing to say about that race…….Kyle Busch!   He dominated the Saturday afternoon race, as he has been doing most of this season.   In Texas he was able to seal the deal and lead at the end, which is the most important part of the race!!!!

The Sprint Cup boys were able to qualify on Friday, as scheduled.   However there was one extremely spectacular crash in qualifying!!!   Michael McDowell just crossed the start/finish line on his first lap of qulifying, then arched his car into turn one when all  HELL broke loose!!!!   He ran over some “oil dry” and the back end got loose, stepped out, got sideways, call it whatever you want!!!   As he corrected to the right to try to catch the backend, the front tires got a bunch of traction and the car pivoted immediately to the right.   The car impacted the wall with the left front quarter panel and then careened on into the turn barrell rolling nine times!!!   To the amazement of everyone he climbed out of the car and walked to the awaiting ambulance for the ride to the infield care center!!   This crash was many times more severe than the crash that so tragically took Dale Earnhardt, Sr.’s life!!   The safety measures that have been put in place since that dark day for NASCAR have saved a few lives and prevented many injuries……THANK YOU NASCAR!!!!

Well, Carl Edwards won the Texas race and his third victory in seven races this season.   Can we say DOMINATION????????

The standings has taken on a new look.   We have a new leader this week as the former leader( yours truely) ate 43 points, thank you Jeffie!!!!!   Carolyn pick ol Cousin Carl to win and that vaulted her into the lead for this week!  

This week the boys will be in the Valley of The Sun….Phoenix!!   The race will be a good ol fashion Saturday Night  Slugfest.   Good luck to all!!!!!!!  




1.     CAROLYN—————49 (picked the winner)

2.     KAREN——————53

3.     LOUELLA—————-71

4.     SCOTT——————-72

5.     LEON——————–73

6.     RICHARD—————-95

7.     JERRY——————101

8.     LYNETTE—————108

9.     ZEE———————114

10.   JIM——————–122


12.   EDIE——————-151

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