Easter Sunday

As we all know, last Sunday was Easter.   It is one of those holidays that families comes together to visit, celebrate the occassion, and generally have a great afternoon.   Jeremy and Stephanie invited  Karen and I  over for the afternoon and dinner was very good, thank you very much!!!   Cole, my grandson, had a ball on his “Easter Egg” hunt in his back yard.   It was so much fun to watch his face light up with each egg that he found.  

Holidays and kids, need I say more???   Gotta love them both!!!



I hope that all my family and friends had a wonderful Easter Sunday this year!  


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  1. Hi
    we had a nice easter, Rick & Jesse came over & I fixed dinner was rather difficult as most of our stuff is in the motor home or was supposed to be some things are lost I hope not forever but I thought I put them in the motor home but guess I packed it in storage. Any way it worked out. and we had a good time. Lynette was sick and decided she couldn’t wait to just go home and go to bed. Kim & Tony and Shawna are on a cruise In Hawai.
    We had good news yesterday the guy put his money in escrow and he had signed all his papers and was approved from the bank. so should be funded in a few days. it is only a month over but oh well we will take it when it comes finally.
    love Carole & Richard

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