Foggy Michigan!


This is a very short week because of the rain in Brooklyn, Michigan.   The boys will be in Bistol in just a couple of days, so the turn around is going to be extremely crucial!!   I didn’t get to see the whole race, but the “Undersheriff” gave me the readers digest version after I returned from yet another doctors visit!   The rest of August and September looks like I am in doctors office on all my days off.   Getting old has its price, but the alternative sucks!!!!

For the second week in a row Jeff Gordon spins out towards the end of the race and losses more of his valuable points lead.   Kurt Busch was looking strong again this week.   I think that getting his ears trimmed and pinned eliminated a lot of drag, less drag means more speed!!!!!!  

I am thinking that I might do the same thing, it might make that “French Frigate” that I fly faster and more stable!!!! Haha

Gettting to the standings,  it is  very close  and it is any persons game to win.   The first seven spots are separated by just 20 points!   I don’t recall when  six people are within striking distance of the leader!!!!!   I did find that I had to make one adjustment in the scores.   After looking at my Excel spreadsheet, I noticed that I failed to give Jeremy 34 points for Pocono for J.J. Yeley  a couple of  weeks ago.   So this weeks scores reflect that glaring error that I made.

So here we go in the final race for this segemt, there are seven people that can take home the money, it doesn’t get any better than this!!!   Good luck to all, but most importantly the best of luck to this weeks leader (ME)!!!!!

The Standings:

1.     Leon—————–109

2.     Jesse—————-110

3.     Zee——————114

4.     Carolyn————-117

5.     Carole————–125

6.     Jerry—————126

7.     Scott—————129

8.     Mark—————144

9.     Jim—————–147

10.   Larry————–171

11.   Edie—————172

12.   Jeremy————184

13.   Lynette————187

14.   Karen————-203


16.   Richard———-230

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