Fourth of July


Today’s Story Lines:

1. History of the Firecracker 250/400/Pepsi400/Coke Zero 400:

2.  Interesting Stats:

3.  Kylie rolls up another victory:


The “second” event at The Daytona International Speedway was originally scheduled and ran as a USAC open-wheel event.  It was ran in April of 1959 and was a crashed filled event.  After the race USAC permanently cancelled the event, NASCAR quickly stepped in to take that date! 


On July 4th, 1959 NASCAR launched  the second stock car event staged at the newly finished Daytona International Speedway.  Originally staged as a 100 lap/250 mile race called “The Firecracker 250”.  The first winner was none other than Glen “Fireball” Roberts!  In 1963 the race was lengthened from 100 laps/250 miles, to 160 laps/400 miles.  From its inception  until 1996 the race started at 10-11 am to combat the summer heat and humidity in Daytona!  In 1997 ISC installed lights and ran “The Pepsi 400” at night.  It was the largest “lights” project ever accompolished, and added a new twist to the way NASCAR ran its races!!


Back in July of 1984, there was a set of events that happened simultaneously.  The first sitting President, Ronald W. Reagan, gave the commamd to start engines from Air Force One on his way to see the Pepsi 400.  As it turned out that day, the President of the United States awarded “The King”, Richard Petty the trophy for the victory—- his 200th and last victory of his career!!! 


Lastly, I would like to give you some interesting statistics for the July race at Daytona:

First winner/last winner:

1959     Glen “Fireball” Roberts      Pontiac        $7,050.00      140.581 mph

2007     Jamie McMurray               Ford          $302,500.00      138.983 mph

Most Wins in July at Daytona:

David Pearson………5

Cale Yarborough…..4

Richard Petty………..3

Jeff Gordon…………..3

First Time Winners:

A.J. Foyt

Jimmy Spencer

John Andretti

Greg Bifle


The race this evening was fairly tame until about 50 laps to go.  Then the hands on the steering wheel started to get a little twitchy, “the get loud pedal” started to get a little itchy, the monkey got tight, and the voices started to unite in the pale moonlight!!!!  The wreckin’ commenced!!!!!


Throughout the entire race there was one constant, Dale Jr. ran in the top three.  It appeared that he was the car to beat this evening.  But there was a Las Vegas Weasel laying low!!  Early in the race ol Kylie was a player, but got just about turned backwards and faded to the very back of the line, all the way to 37th place!  He slowly but steadily manipulated his way through the pack and emerged the leader with about 10 laps to go.  Then another caution that led to a two lap shootout, the dreaded Green/White/Checkered!!!  As the White flag flew, one lap to go, there was a big crash just behind the leaders that ended the race.  But there was one plroblem, there were five rows of two, side-by side racing at that time.  Now NASCAR must go to the video and decide who was leading at the precise time that the Caution flag was thrown.  After some review by the NASCAR Officials, it was determined that the #18 Interstate Batteries Toyota was slightly ahead of the #99 Ford Fusion driven by Carl Edwards.


This was Kyle Busch’s sixth Sprint Cup victory of the season.  Joe Gibbs Racing in general, and Kyle Busch specifically, has thoroughly dominated NASCAR racing this season!!  Does any team have something for Joe Gibbs Racing???







6 Replies to “Fourth of July”

  1. Looks like Rowdy is unstoppable in his fast Interstate Battery, NOS Energy Drink, #18 Joe Gibbs Toyota. He is certainly the one to beat this year. No telling how many wins he will accumulate with his very heavy foot on the loud pedal. He drives like he stole it and can’t see too well cause of all the “racin’ smog”.

    I did warm up the Big Red Truck after he won again, but I decided not to move it yet till he wins again, at least one more time, maybe twice. He has 8 more races before the Chase starts and he should be able to out accelerate the rest of the bunch for a couple more wins.
    The restart at Daytona was another fantastic and exciting “wreck fest”….and everyone knew it was coming. So exciting to watch!!
    Looking forward to another great race this weekend.
    GO LVW!!!! He is Carolyn’s new Driver don’t ya know…..she even got her Mom (95 yrs old) rootin’ for ol Rowdy now…. Her Mom made a statement about Rowdy’s speed when she said “My, what is wrong with all those other whipper snappers, can’t they outrun ol Kylie?” ……..She’s gets it don’t she?
    Have fun this week everybody.
    La Pine OR

  2. Looks like Tony will be his own boss next year driving the Stewart/Haas/CNC/Office Depot/Old Spice/Jack Daniels Sweet Smellin’ Alcohol CHEVY. Now,……… he can say CHEVY.
    Dang….those Toyotas better look out!!!

  3. Spunds like a really good deal for Tony like that new team maybe Tony will be different when it is his stuff he is driving/wrecking but is a good deal all around and now all the other driver/owners/teams can make their decision for next year. and boy I guess no one has enough to run down that roudy Bush.
    Yah Leon that Hawaii gig sounds great we all should go and do the layover with you That sounds like a plan. All is well up here in Clearlake is cooler today and a nice breeze. The Gordon’s

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