Get Ready…Get Set……GO!

My, my how the last four weeks have made a dramatic impact on the the Chase for the Championship!!   It appeared that Mr. Jeff Gordon was going to run away with his fifth Cup championship.   But the 48 team has been bullet proof!!!!!!!!!   This writer has had to do a 180! I was engraving the trophy two weeks ago with Jeff Gordon’s name on it————STOP THE PRESSES.    Now there is no doubt that Jimmie Johnson and the 48 team have solidified their chances for a repeat championship.  That feat is extremely difficult to accompolish with the competitiveness at such a high level in the Cup Series.

There is no doubt that the Hendrick organization has it all together!   Jimmie Johnson was a “nobody” in the Busch Series and look at his success with Hendrick Motorsports.   Now I am just a little biased I might admit, but you better get a good look at the front of the new 88 car, ’cause all your are going to see is the tail lights once the ’08 season begins!  

You all still have time to get your new JR stuff——I got mine!!!

Here it is, with one race to go our standings are soooooo tight that places 3 thru 10 are only separated by 17 points.   That means that ten out of our sixteen people have an opportunity to get into the the money positions of 1-4!!!!!!!Now that is tight!!


1.     SCOTT—————–105

2.     LARRY—————–108

3.     ZEE——————–136

4.     MARK——————137

5.     JEREMY—————-138

6.     JIM———————142

7.     RICHARD————–149

8.     CAROLE—————150

9.     JESSE—————–152

10.   LEON—————–153

11.   LYNETTE————-169

12.   CAROLYN————180

13.   KAREN—————183

14.   EDIE—————–187

15.   JERRY—————-195

16.   RICK—————–236

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