It is Fall!

P1000557The weather is starting to change here in Fresno and I just thought that I would post a picture from  our four days at Morro Bay last month.   The weather was so great that I forgot that winter is just around the corner!

With the end of fall comes the end of NASCAR racing for the year.   That depresses me greatly (everybody knows that I am a REDNECK)!!  I am gonna miss Tony Stewart,  in all his glory, not shaving for the week!   I am gonna miss the  electricity of the event, the cool Air Force, Navy, and Marine flybys!   But most of all I will miss the camraderie when we hang out and set up camp there with “the relatives”!!!

I guess that I will have to resort to watching the CRIMINALS play in the NFL!!!


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2 Replies to “It is Fall!”

  1. hello!! i love your website..
    i was looking at the photo of your grandson and he sure looks alot like edison… hmmmm possibly related?!!!
    hope to see you and karen soon!
    happy Thanksgiving
    i’m still contemplating how to cook a turkey
    for eddie’s family… ugghhh darn that aunt carole for leaving me!!!

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