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Just some after thoughts on ol Kylie’s guitar smashing celebration at Nashville last week.  In the days following that unprecedented guitar smashing in the post victory celebration, there were mixed reviews.  However, most of the journalists that cover NASCAR, both in print and video, were appalled at THE WEASEL’s smashing of the custom built and painted “Les Paul” Gibson guitar.  That trophy from Nashville has become one of the most prized and coveted trophies on the NASCAR tour!  

Smashing that guitar in Nashville is like launching a loogie at Whistler’s Mother in the Musee d’Orsay museum!  Nobody really gets hurt by that act, but it sure tells the rest of the people to go directly to HELL!

 That is the message that ol Kylie Busch, aka THE LAS VEGAS WEASEL,  seems to be sending to the entire racing world!! 

TLVW seems to revel in the fact that he is alienating a large segment of the race fans.  Is he trying to be the “cowboy in the black hat”??  There is no doubt that this talented 24 year old can WHELL a race car around any facility in this country!  But such behavior  is not only childish, but is idiotic by any standard!

What is your take?

Reminder to me:  Never lend a guitar to Kyle Busch, he is very hard on the instrument!

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