Louden Fuel Prices!!


Story lines for this week:

1.  Gas costs about $100,000.00 per gallon!!:

2.  Aric Almirola is the new driver for the #8 DEI Chevy for 2009: www.jayski.com

3.  Kurt Busch wins at Louden: www.nascar.com

4.  Mark Martin may be the new driver for the #5 Hendrick Chevy: www.espn.com

5.  Rain determines the outcome at Louden:

6. Tony Stewart may be announcing his partnership in Haas/CNC at Indianapolis: www.jayski.com


I know you are saying, “what does the price of fuel have to do with the NASCAR race last Sunday”??  Well, go ask a few of the competitors who pitted when the rains came to New Hampshire and they will tell you it was about $100,000.00 a gallon!!!!!  That was the difference that their pit stop made in the their prize money!!!  And you think that $4.25 a gallon is high!!!!!!!!!!!


This reporter can’t wait for this Saturday night at “The World’s Center for Speed, Daytona”!!  I think that the National Guard/Amp/Moutanin Dew #88 might have something for ’em!!!  I am not alone either, there are eight (8) out of twelve of us who also think that Dale Earnhardt, Jr. has something for them as well!!!  Go #88!!!!

DEI announced earlier this week that Aric Almirola will be taking over the steering wheel of the #8 DEI Chevy in 2009.  That leaves Mark Martin to move over to the #5 Hendrick Chevy to make “one more run at the NASCAR championship” in 2009.


And my post would not be comlete without something about “The World’s Greatest Driver”, Tony Stewart!  The rumor is that his people have been scurrying about for sponsorship for his proposed buy-in of Haas/ CNC Racing.  It is rumored that Office Depot is now going to move with him to that organization from the Rousch Racing #99 Ford Fusion!  That leaves Joe Gibbs Racing without a driver for the #20 car, which will most probably be piloted by Joey Lagano in 2009.

Thought provoking questions!

Who do you think has the best chance to pull off a victory at Daytona???  Where do you think Tony Stewart will wind up?  How about Mark Martin, where wil he be?  Is Joey Lagano good enough to drive the #20 JGR ride?  Where will Casey Mears end up?  Dario Franchitti is out of a ride.  What is his future?  Your comments and suggestions are encouraged!!!



2 Replies to “Louden Fuel Prices!!”

  1. Great race in New Hampshire last weekend. Yep, the gas price was about $100,000 a gallon for all who came in and got some….mercy! The leader for most of the race, (aka Tony, “Worlds Best Nascar Driver” ) was soooooo disappointed at the shortened checkered flag, he didn’t even want to get out of his car. He just sat there in his car while all the other drivers knew it was over, but Tony wanted to continue racing. He just sat in his car wanting to go out again and race…..why, they should have thrown the green flag for ol Tony and let him go back out there all by himself, and do some FAST hydroplaning with his Home Depot Toyota and check out the safer barriers to see if they would hold up in the rain. LOL

    Great race, it was a race about “when to pit and when not to pit” at the end…..Kurt had some “for ’em” left in his tank. DANG!!! LOL

    Casey will find a ride with someone, Joey will do the 20 car and succeed, Mark Martin, well Hendricks will give him a chance but don’t know if he will improve over what Casey will do.
    Tony needs to start his own team and be an owner/driver….I am surprised if Home Depot will leave JGR.
    **********Fuel Prices***********
    Haven’t bought any diesel fuel since April in Bakersfield. I only need about 225 gallons right now. Canceled all “Red Truck Movement” ………. and might sit here till Rowdy wins again. Then I’ll buy some fuel, (maybe $1k worth??) warm ‘er up and get ‘er ready to do some pullin’ over to the Oregon coast and do some Dungeoness crabbin’. ( room here for a James Brown shout since I will be about a grand lighter (for fuel) $$$$$ !!!!!!!LOL)
    Just up here in La Pine Oregon sittin’ and grinnin’…….and waitin’ and ………stallin’. LOL
    GO KYLE (not 45 either…the other Kyle!!!)

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