Louden, NH

Once again the COT (Car of Tomorrow) race has produced exciting racing to the checkered flag!   I personally can’t wait for next year when this car is in use completely!

The standings jumbled up a little again this week.   We have ties at two positions in the standings and the closeness in points between 4th and 11th means that there is still some jockeying going on!!!

Next week is Saturday night under the lights at Daytona and that says it all!!!   Jim and Edie will be sitting in the Nextel Tower high above the start-finish line for that race!!!!!   It just doesn’t get any better, race fans.   The Pepsi 400 signals the start of the second half of the race season, but more importantly there are  just 8 races left  to get into the top 12 positions and make “The Chase”!!

The Standings:

1.     Leon————–24

2.     Carolyn———–35

3.     Jesse————–43

4.     Jerry————–57

5.     Zee—————62


7.     Carole————63

8.     Larry————-64


10.   Lynette———-67

11.   Jim————–70

12.   Richard———-79

13.   Mark————-92

14.   Karen————95

15.   Rick————-109   (Picked the winner)

16.   Jeremy———-117


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  1. Thank you Honey for the spreadsheet and I’m sure everyone else will thank you, too…. Don’t like that can of “whoop azz” ~ do you…. lol

    My suggestion on Jr’s new car number is – 83….That would be the “8” to represent his old number and his Grandfathers number and the “3” for Dale Sr. Since the 38 is already an existing car, that would be the logical choice ~ in my expert and humble opinion…

    The “Under” Sheriff

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