Martinsville is over!


The second COT (car of tomorrow) race has concluded and I am sure that all the race teams have found out what they need to do   to be competitive!!  

 The standings are really changing weekly.   The competition is fierce and the suspicions are starting to run rampant!   It appears that Larry has tapped into some secret information pipeline!!!   Somebody please help us in our preliminary investigation and fact finding mission.   If there is any information out there that could help in finding the leak, please feel free to submit  the information  to me.   I will protect your identity at all costs!!
















10 Replies to “Martinsville is over!”

  1. Looks sorta suspicious doesn’t it. I heard he might be getting some inside information from Richard the Nascar picker but I don’t think that to be very reliable as Richard the Nascar Picker almost got busted the last time there was a leak in the ranks….ao we will see.


  2. I think that the Investigation Committee is about to rear its ugly head again this year! It would appear that Larry has gone over to the “dark side”! we must actively put a stop to his obvious inside information pipeline!

  3. Reliable source, states!!!Larry is using resources from his BLACKMARKET operation to bribe crewmembers of his competitors,to leave off lug nuts,tamper with fuel pump cables, set fires inside the cockpits!!! Be prepared,BLACKMARKET LARRY will do anything for an advantage!!!!!!! Jimmy

  4. I think that there is getting to be a bunch of evidence that may link Mr. Baucum with a subversive group of “under the table” people! Undercover agents have been dispatched for investigating further possibilities.

  5. He may have done some work on these cars or offered to help. Maybe that is where he gets his inside info.
    “I’ll let you in on the best picks, but no work please”. Zeeva

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