196  Well this week there is no history lesson in the blog!   In fact I had to fly and was unable to watch the race, even though I  picked the winner.   But my trusty assistant, Blondie, calibrated the scores and e-mailed them to me.  

PS The picture is me on the track at Daytona in the tri oval just prior to the Craftsman Truck race to start off the season!


1.     LEON——————-30

2.     CAROLYN————–48

3.     KAREN—————–50

4.     SCOTT—————–67

5.     LOUELLA————–69

6.     ZEE——————–72

7.     RICHARD————–85

8.     LYNETTE————–96

9.     JERRY—————–99

10.   CAROLE————-114

11.   JIM——————117

12.   EDIE—————–139  

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