Michigan Results


The results are in!  

The race had the typical long green flag runs associated with Michigan International Raceway.   There were several strong competitors during the race, but Carl Edwards prevailed as the winner today.  


There has also already been an attack launched upon the new leader on the leader board!!   The new leader has been accused of being in “cohoots” with “BLACK MARKET BAUCUM”!!!   That accusation comes from his “best friend”, of all people!!!!!!!!   (The natives are restless!)

Next week is the  first of the two road courses on the circuit, Infineon Raceway in the heart of California’s wine country.   Who will rolL to victory there is a great mystery!   Will   Stewart or  Jeff Gordon win, both of those drivers are skilled road racers.   Will one of the hired guns, aka road race ringers, finally get to victory lane?????????   So far, the “ringers” have not done what they have been hired to do!!!!!!!   The waiting game will be over in just a few short days!!



1.     Leon————–12     (Picked the winner)

2.     Edie—————18

3.     Carolyn————21

4.     Jesse————–25

5.     Jerry—————36

6.     Larry—————38

7.     Lynette————-47

8.     Scott—————51

          Carole————–51(Picked the winner)

10.   Jim—————–56


12.   Karen—————58

13.   Richard————-65

14.   Jeremy————-70

15.   Mark—————-77

16.   Rick—————–92

PS   As you haved noticed there is a new feature on the standings.   I will let everyone know if there is anyone who picked the winner of the race.   That way it makes it easier to track for investgative purposes!!!!

2 Replies to “Michigan Results”

  1. Not me………..I would NEVER accuse you of being in “cohoots” with BLACK MARKET BACUM………someone else must have called you immediately after the race was over and said that to you…~~~ But, then again, how did I know that someone called you immediately after the race and said that…!!! Hmmmmmmmmmmm….. (I still think you are “cheating”)… that new Sheriff stuff has gone to your head, Capt…. 🙂


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