My Luxurious Boston Layover Hotel Room

Well I thought that I would let everyone know what my hotel accommodation are for my downtown Boston layover on New Year’s Eve.  Let me reiterate that my employer is responsible for arranging my hotel rooms on layovers.  I will say, first and foremost, that this hotel is located in the heart of downtown Boston.  It is also one of the oldest and coolest hotels in town. The lobby is grand and luxurious with historic pictures of its past.  There are pictures of John F. Kennedy, as well as his famous Mother and Father, Rose and Joesph P. Kennedy.  Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, JFK’s mother, is the famous daughter of “Honey” Fitzgerald, a very powerful Mayor of the City of Boston in the early 1900’s!

But that is where I will stop with the accolades.

It seems that whenever I have gotten this downtown layover in Boston, the room that is assigned to the Captain, me, is always the same!  It is not always the same room number, this particular room seems to have evil twin brothers and sisters in this hotel.  I am not so sure that any of you would pay the big dollars that this hotel gets for these rooms. But nonetheless, I have to camp out in the confined, cramped, luxurious hotel room!

Let me draw you a literal picture of my fine accommodations here.

When you open the door to my room, you walk about 13 feet down a narrow hall with a door to the right that gives way to the bathroom.  As you enter the bathroom you will notice that there is virtually no room to turn around or dry off from the shower that you will be taking!  Speaking of the shower stall, one of the walls is literally abutting the sink and mirror.  In fact, the wall is positioned less than the distance from my wrist to my elbow!  That made it very difficult to wedge myself in between those two objects to wash my hands or “blowdri” my hair!

Now for “the bedroom” portion of this luxurious abode, which is the actual living space!  I have just paced off the size of this room, are you ready for this?  It measures 11’x11′.  The bed, which is a double bed, takes up about 6’6″ of the length of the room and about 4’6″ of the width  of the room.  At the foot of the bed there is a small chest of drawers with a very small desk attached for the phone and a lamp.  There is also a chair for the desk, unfortunately you cannot move the chair much.  In fact, you can only slide the chair sideways to about a 35 degree angle!

To plug in my computer to the only electrical outlet, I had to slide the chair sideways, then I had to turn sideways to wedge myself between the foot of the bed and the desk leg.  Then stretch my arm out to its maximum extension to get the plug into the electrical outlet!  Once that was completed, I had to gather up all that energy and put it in reverse to get myself out of this contorted position!!  Once that was accomplished, I had to take a break and drink a Diet Coke to get my breath back!  Whew!

Have I drawn you a vivid picture of my room?


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