One Oh Ten!


(photo by Leon Hammack)

A couple of days ago I bought a USA Today in the LAX airport and I was just appalled at the transaction of dialog that took place!

I walked into the newsstand  in terminal 7 at LAX to pick up a USA Today to read on my flight home to Yuma.  I grabbed the paper and headed over to the  cash register to pay for it.  The lady in her South of the Border, heavily accented, English told me that would be “One Oh Ten”.  I repeated one oh ten??  She confirmed, one oh ten!

So I reached onto my pocket, grabbed a $1 dollar bill, handed it to her, then told her that I think that I have the oh ten in my other pocket!  I gave her the dime and reiterated here is the oh ten!

The previous exchange was very humorous, but somewhat understandable with all the influx of “quasi immigrants” to California and the rest of the nation!  But I am finding that I get these types of exchanges from people who have spent their whole life in our education system in this country!  It appears that our society is successful in teaching our youth to set extremely low goals and that it is alright to fail miserably to attain them!!!  Go figure!

My parents were the victims of The Great Depression.  We were inspired by them to get an education, it was our ticket to prosperity!  What changed???

What I see these days are baggy pants, baseball hats turned about 1/4 to 1/2 off center, tattoos galore, low self esteem, and a general free-fall in morale fiber and character!  Every generation, since the founding of this country, has out-performed and succeeded more than the previous generation.  However, it appears that string is about to be broken.   What happened?  Anyone got a clue?

If my observations are all screwed up, then I guess that I need to come to the party!!! 😉 Maybe it is me who needs to lighten up, do  you think?

Who knows my next purchase  at Mc Donalds may cost me “Five Oh Forty Nine”!!!!!! LOL

Anybody got some size 51 Levi pants for me to wear?  I need a NY Yankees hat so that I can put the bill over my right ear.  Man, I just about there!!  Now I just need to learn how to hang those bad boys just below my butt cheeks and walk so that the pants won’t fall all the way down to my ankles.  Can anybody teach me how to strut??

Somebody help me please!!!!!  I am a good student!

Is the sun setting on our civilization?

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