Pacific Sunsets


I have just uploaded some pictures to my photo album on this site.   This picture was taken at sunset on the beach at Morro Bay.   This particular evening  the colors were especially vibrant!

I am learning how to take really cool pictures fom my personal instructor!    I just have to remember that 2/3-1/3 thing!!   He is also my computer technician, the one who has given me my grey hair, etc., but I have forgiven him!!! 🙂

 There are a few more in the photo album on my web site.   I will try to select some more really pretty photos to upload.

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  1. Leon, what a neat idea for corresponding with us computer dummies. Thanks for putting this together. I now have you in my favorites list so will be checking up on you from time to time. hope your hitting them straight down the middle. talk to you soon.
    Regards, Denny Schaar

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