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Fatherly advise

(Jeremy and Cole)

Having come from a long line of baseball players, my Dad played baseball in his youth, all three of my brothers played baseball, I, too, played that game.  Last month, while I was back in my hometown of Fresno, I was able to watch my grandson play the game that I loved so much.  I couldn’t help but watch with a sense of deep pride!

My grandson, Cole, is nine years old and is trying his hand at the great American past-time, baseball.  It has been two years since his last foray into this sport.  This year he decided that he wanted to play Little League baseball again, much to my glee!

As a grandfather my role in Cole’s maturation in baseball, and for that matter, in life is somewhat removed from that of his Dad.  Notwithstanding that fact, there is still an element of pride watching my grandson play a sport that was a big part of my life growing up.  Unlike Cole’s learning process, where he has only his Dad and his teammates to learn from, I had three older brothers who, as I learned growing up, were outstanding athletes.  I had to maneuver out from the shadows of my older brothers as I grew up.

Cole, on the other hand, has only to perform to the best of his capabilities, with no other comparisons.  That is exactly what he is doing.  He is very enthusiastic about playing baseball this year.

Having said all that, I was thoroughly excited to watch Cole play baseball when I was in Fresno!

Here is video that I, with the help of my computer technician, better know as my oldest son, Jason, have put together showing my grandson playing baseball.

It is with great pride that I now introduce my grandson, Cole Hammack.

3 Replies to “Part Of My Legacy”

  1. This was  so awesome to see. It Has been a great yr for my son, we worked hard on the fundamentals of baseball,And lots of batting.I have got to say he is a natural at baseball and sports.He is a complete replica of his Daddy. Thx for taking the time and creating this article and video. I love Ya Dad U truly are the greatest dad .

  2. Our family has always been proud of our youngins. I would be rooting fror Cole if we were there with him, but now we can root because of this video. Cole is lucky to have you as a grandpa. We are lucky to have him  as our nephew. Way to go Cole…..Love Auntie & family xoxoxoxox

  3. man bro i love this.. glad to be  part of this somehow.. lil man is growing  up.. no doubt in my mind  will be a fine ball player in the years to come… look at yankees.. you got yurself a future prospect! much love my  brother

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