Penske…..DUDE after thoughts!

2009 Daytona 500 024 


While having lunch at Ninfa’s Mexican Cafe at The Galleria Mall in suburban Houston, I had some further thoughts about the previous post regarding the Busch-Penske DUDE radio exchange!!  I can’t help thinking that the real ELB, (Ears Laid Back) Kurt Busch, has resurfaced at Penske.  It was only a matter of time that the tantrums, tirades and tongue lashing resumed from ELB!!

The thought of having that kind of conversation between an employee anad employer is eye-opening, astonishing, appaulling, and extremely hilarious!!  Can you imagine, say for instance, one of Warren Buffett’s employees responding to him like that????  I am trying to imagine how the conversation would go!!!!

Mr. Buffett telling one of his employees,” to just hang in there and things will get better”.  The response from the employee after arguing with the boss, would go something like this.

 “Dude you gotta be kidding me, oh ok DUDE you win”.

  I am sure that Mr. Buffett would be taken aback!!!  “Excuse me did you call me DUDE???”, obviously would be Mr. Buffett’s reply?  Warren Buffett, who has been called the ORACLE of OMAHA.  But a DUDE, now that is very interesting?????

How about The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff calling his boss, the Secretary of Defense, Hillary Clinton… DUDE, when responding to her queries!!!!!!!!!!!  That is mind boggling!  Maybe she would be a DUDETTE!!!!

Can you see Jeff Gordon arguing with Rick Hendrick over the radio and ending the conversation with 10-4 DUDE!!!!  That would be most amusing and very disrespectful to say the least!


Now for the last and ultimate comparison, and my correlation to the picture above!  Do you think that Dale Earnhardt, Sr. had that kind of radio exchanges with his boss, Richard Childress????  This reporter thinks that DUDE was just not in THE INTIMADATOR’S vocabulary!! He most likely used four letter words, but DUDE most assuredly was not one of the words that he used!!!


What is your take on this subject?

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