Pepsi 400


Fantasy League Participants:

  • Last night’s Pepsi 400 was one of the closest races this year.   In fact if memory serves me right, it was even closer than this year’s Daytona 500!!!!!   Although this restrictor plate race didn’t have the traditional “Big One—–CRASH”, the last 15 laps were extremely exciting.   Could Kyle Busch (aka “I didn’t get any help from my teammates “WINER” and I will not be invited to the Monday morning Hendrick’s team meeting) pull of a historical double win in  the same  day( rained delayed Busch and the Nextel Cup race)??????   Did Jamie McMurray have “something for ’em” on the high side??????    Well, they traded the lead back and forth several times  in the last two laps.  
  • Let me tell you, Jamie Mc Murray did in fact “have something for ’em” on the high side!!!!   The margin of victory was——.005 of a second!   That would probably equate to about 3-5 inches traveling at 185 MPH!!!!!   WHAT A FINISH!!!!!  
  • Needless to say, the standings really got scrambled up this week.   The leader for the first half of this segment (ME)  took a big hit with, “my teammate tried to wreck me on Friday and finally did tonight” Tony Stewart!!!   Nobody was able to pick a winner this race, but the way the race played out, we were all winners!!!


1.     Carolyn———-37

2.     Jesse————48

3.     Leon————-62

4.     Jerry————-65

5.     Zee—————71

6.     Scott————-74

7.     Lynette———-76

8.     Jim—————80

9.     Edie————–98

10.   Carole———–101

11.   Karen———–105

12.   Larry————107

13.   Richard———115

14.   Jeremy———127

15.   Mark————128

16.   Rick————-145

The next race is at Chicagoland in Joliet, IL.   I was at the first Busch race there a few years ago and I will tell you that it is a very fast 1 1/2 mile track!!!   Good luck to all!!!

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  1. I can’t wait to see what “unlucky team” gets the pleasure of listening to Mr WINIE BUSCH complain next year. Last I checked, your team mates are not responsible for helping you win a race!!! REAL race car drivers win the race themself!!

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