Phoenix at Night!


This was the first night race of the season, third race for the Car of tomorrow and what an exciting race it was!   It would appear,  to this reporter, that the Car of Tomorrow produces a really close and exciting show for the spectators.  It definitely has my vote for running the entire 2008 with that car!!!

Jeff Gordon finally won a race at one of the three tracks that has eluded him.   He also tied Dale Earnhardt, Sr. for fourth place in toal wins in a NASCAR career, 76.   For those who are not intimately familiar with NASCAR, Richard Petty has 200 wins, David Pearson has 104 wins, Bobby Allison and Darrell Waltrip are tied with 84 wins each.   Dale Earnhardt,Sr. and Jeff Gordon are tied with 76 wins in their racing career.   Jeff is the only race driver on that list that is still an active driver!

Now for more purtinent news.   The investigation has gotten into full swing!   “The Committe to Get Blackmarket Larry Baucum” has really come across some very   “damning” evidence.   It appears that Director of Competition, Robin Pemberton and NASCAR President, Mike Helton have gotten on the band wagon with this investigation!   The Director of Competition has sent out a Notice of Compliance to all race teams.   In that Notice, sources close to the investigation have revealed to this Committe, it states that there is reason to believe that the Lowes #48 crew chief, Chad Knaus has been leaking information to “Blackmarket Baucum” regarding setups and performance enhancing additives that have a chilling effect on their race cars.   “Blackmarket Baucum”, it would appear, has turned those bits of information into a huge advantage of picking winners!

This is all that The Committe is willing to unveil at the present time, after all it is an ongoing investigation!   If you have any information tha would lead to the arrest and conviction of “Blackmarket Baucum”, please feel free to contact “The Committee to Get Blackmarket Baucum” by leaving a comment at this web site.

The standings after Phoenix are as follows:















The New Sheriff

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  1. For those of you who didn’t watch NASCAR Now on ESPN2 today, there was time devoted to the investigation of “Blacmarket Baucum” and how is kicking everyone’s butt in the Fantasy League!! The word is rapidly getting out!!!!


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