Pocono in the Pines!!


I know that this doesn’t look like the “Car of Tomorrow/Today”!  This is a B-757 and that is what I am here in Denver doing.  It is a “CRAMMED COURSE” these days, to say the least!!!  I am putting in about 16-18 hours a day to get my brain in B-767/757 gear!!!  So that is why I am a little late in getting my results and blog posted.

I didn’t get to watch the race cause I was sitting in class, but I understand that it had its moments!  The standings took a big topsy-turvey twist this past week!!  It appears that “The  Hotest Driver in NASCAR” took an iced cold shower just when I picked him to do good for me!!  Do you think that he might have read my web site over the last few weeks???  Maybe the word got out about my journalistic prowess!!!

Well the boys are moving over to Michigan this week and it will be extremely interesting!  After all, the track is only about 90 miles from MOTOWN.  Will Toyota finally win in Ford, GM, and Dogde’s backyard???  The suspense builds!!

Now I would be remiss, as a reporter, if I didn’t take time to honor a legend in the sportscasting world who passed away on Saturday, James McManus.  Who you say is that guy?  Well, we all knew him as ABC’s Jim McKay!  He was a legend!  He coined the phrase for Wide World of Sports that we all know, “The thrill of VICTORY and the AGONY of defeat”.   HE WAS WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS!!!  Jim McKay and Roone Arledge were the driving force behind that show, which started out as a summer replacement show that lasted some 40 years!

He was the man that we saw in front of the camera for a day and a half, back in 1972, informing the world of the massacre that happened at the 1972 Olympics!  He kept us all glued to the set  to see the final outcome of the hostage scene there.  And then his solemn three words late in the night, “there all gone”!!!  All of the Isreali hostages were killed at the airport!!  The world was forever changed!!!!

Go rest in peace Jim McManus, you have left your mark on the world!!!!


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  1. I like the picture you posted for your blog this week and I can even see CAPT PUNJOBBIE sitting up in that cockpit~~!!!! That was such a nice eulogy you gave to Jim McKay, I’m sure his real one wasn’t said any better.

    It is now confession time ~~~ I called Kylieeee and told him that someone I knew was talking VERY ugly about him and even calling him the” Las Vegas Wessel”…. and when he found out that you had picked him to win last week here is what he said: “I’ve got something for that Punjobbie guy ~~~~~ oh, yes I do ~~~~ he gave you 43 points !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lolololol…. Teach you to talk badly about poor little Kylieee in public places/spaces/blogs… uh, huh….. he showed you, didn’t he !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your loving wife,

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