Recuperating from racing??


(photo courtesy Leon Hammmack)

Well, I am back at work after about three weeks of some extraordinary racing!  Speedweek at Daytona and the Daytona 500 was an excellent time.  The only drawback was that the temperature was uncommonly cold for February.  That made for some really unorthodox clothes combinations for Jim and myself!  We were dressing a lot like our father!!!  ( Inside joke, sorry Dad!)  Ol Arch was not a fashion statement by any stretch of the imagination!

The drive back from Daytona was quite an adventure (read Jimmy and Leon’s Great Adventure) to say the least!

The few days over at Tuscon’s USA Raceway for the USAC midgets, sprint cars, and silver crown races were cool!  No it was down right cold!  The weather didn’t cooperate much.  However, the racing was really great.

Then the trip to and at Las Vegas Motor Speedway was equally cold.

But the one thing about RVing with friends and family, the company is ALWAYS good!  Karen and I had a wonderful time camping at Tuscon and Las Vegas with Jim, Edie, Jerry, as well as Dan and Bernie Clapp. I would like to thank everyone who help ed to prepare the meals we ate at both Tuscon and Las Vegas, those people would be Karen, Edie, Jerry, Berni, Dan, and Jim “the short order fry cook”!!

Can’t wait till next year to do it all over again!



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