Reflecting on my Family

A couple of  weeks ago  Karen and I took the RV over to Morro Bay for some quiet time.   I had not been there in over 30 years and I forgot just how neat the town is.   It was a very relaxing 4 days.

We met two really nice people that pulled a really cool practical joke on me! Unbeknownst to me, my brother Jerry e-mailed some friends of his that were in Morro Bay to go and pay a visit to his little brother.   They pulled a really convincing practical joke on me… hat is off to Bill and Barb,you were most convincing!!!!

I also had time to reflect on how great it is to be back around all of my family again!   It has been 33 years since I left here and man did I miss a lot of things, but mostly I missed being a son, a father, and a grandfather!

 I really do enjoy being around all of my family!!!  

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