Richmond COT Race


Nope folks this is not The Car of Tomorrow!!!!   This is one way to get to the races to see “The Car of Tomorrow”!    This is the Truck of Today, better known as a Volvo 770.

The Saturday Night Richmond Shootout with the Car of Tomorrow had to wait until tomorrow!!!   The weather last night was rain all evening, which  postponed the race untill Sunday afternoon.   You would think that might interrupt the rhythm of Black Market Baucum and his uncanny ability to get better results than the other thirteen players.   Well, kiss that thought good bye!!  

Let me  make a few comments regarding Black Market Baucum and what is transpiring.  

The investigation is widening!!!!!!!!!!   The Committee to get Black Market Baucum, hereafter referred to as BMB, has taken on an identiy all its own!!   Both NASCAR President Mike Helton and Director of Competition Robin Pemberton are adding resources to our Committe to find and plug the “illegal leak” of information that BMB undoubtedly tapped into.   There is also a possible connection to a former Michael Waltrip Racing Crew Chief that NASCAR has indefinitely suspended over a “FUEL ADDITIVE” issue.   Could it be that BMB is on a “FUEL ADDITVE”???????   What is his secret?????

Please get involved with this commitee so that we can bring this issue to a   conclusion!

Next Saturday night………Darlington!!

Here are the results:

1.   Larry————-82

2.    Jim————–144

3.     Karen———–151


5.     Jeremy———-156

6.      Carolyn———-164

7.     Leon————-173

8.     Rick————–174

9.     Edie————–176

10. Jerry————-177

11. Richard———–200

12. Zee————–206

13. Jesse————224

14. Carole———–250

Good Luck Next week.



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