Sprint Cup at Phoenix

It’s 1 hour prior to race time this fine Sunday afternoon at PIR. As I make my way over to my seat it is a “sea of humanity” waddling towards the grandstands!

The foot traffic was wall to wall once inside the facilities. The race track is paying tribute to all military veterans, since Weds. was Veteran’s Day. There is a swearing in ceremony for those individuals who were joining the different branches of the U. S. Armed Forces today!

God bless our youth who bear the brunt of our continous fight for freedom. Freedom caries with it “the ultimate price”!

Anyway it is a beautiful day in Phoenix! Now it is time for me to get to my seat, put on my scanner gear, buckle in and pull those belts tight one more time!!

Let’s go racin’ boys!!

P.S. To all my friends and family, who like myself served in the military, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service to the USA!

Excuse me while I’M WORKING ON MY REDNECK!
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