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For about half of the teams Saturday night, the Sun has set on their chances of winning the Sprint Cup championship for 2008!!!  It would appear at this juncture of the Chase that it is down to quite possibly four teams only.  Quite honestly, it is Jimmie Johnson’s championship to loose.  Jeff Burton has really been performing quite well during the first half fof the Chase.  He has been flying under the radar very nicely so far.  But, his win at Lowe’s Motor Speedway Saturday night has jumped him up into second place in Chase standings!!!  Burton must now be considered one of the remaining favorites.  “Cousin Carl” has hit upon some hard times in the last two races.  His adventures at Talladega not only landed his team a poor finish, but apparently he got to “visit the hood of the #33 KHI Nationwide car”!!!  (Check out the link in the #4 of story lines!!)  Meanwhile, “The Bif” is still performing at a very steady pace.


This reporter still has “MAJOR HEARTBURN” with the way NASCAR handled the finish of the Talladega race!!  The rule states,” you can not advance your postion by going below the yellow line or you will be penalized”( RULE #1).”  It also states,”you can not force someone below the yellow line or you might be penalized“(RULE #2).  It also states that if you can see the CHECKERED FLAG WAVING the rules do not apply (RULE # 3). 

First and foremost, if what Tony Stewart did does not constitute forcing a competitor below the yellow  line then I don’t know what does!!  There is no arguing the fact that Regan Smith was below the yellow line, ‘ cause  both of Stewart’s left side tires were down below the yellow line and Regan Smith had a fender on Stewart’s left quarter panel (RULE #1)!!!!  So this reporter’s point is that if you are going to penalized Smith for passsing below the yellow line, you must also penalize Stewart for forcing him down there ( RULE #2)!!!!  If you are going to apply the first two rules, you must apply them fairly and consistently.  With those thoughts in mind, it would appear to this reporter that Paul Menard should be declared the winner!!!  Now if you are going to not penalize Stewart for driving below the yellow line and thusly forcing Smith below the yellow line because they can see the “CHECKERED FLAG WAVING”(RULE #3), THEN OBVIOUSLY REGAN SMITH WINS THE RACE!!!

Therein lies the crux of this reporter’s heartburn!!!!  Thank God I have an abundant supply of Prilosec in the medicine cabinet!!!  I also have a large tube of, you guessed it, “BOUDREAUX’S BUTT PASTE”!!

The Coliseum of Collision!



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Just when everyone was thinkin’ that TLVW (aka ol Kylie Busch) was gonna run away with the championship, Carl Edwards gets hot again!  But I may add, not as hot as ol Kylie was after the race!!!!  See it appears that TLVW can run deep into the turn and bump you out of the way, get into your door and crash you, get into your quarter panel and spin you, but he really doesn’t like someone to race him in the same fashion!!!  It appears that ol Kylie is gonna have to write a check and loose a few points for his shenanigans after the checkerd flag fell.  I guess NASCAR doesn’t take lightly to bumpin’ and bangin’ after the race is over!!  This reporter suggests that ol Kylie purchase some Boudreaux’s Butt Paste and keep it in his race car!!!   That will help to heal his “CHAPPED BUTTOCKS” when he looses a race!!!!


Now that Bristol has been reconfigured to a progressive banking, and the running of the COT, there is more side-by-side racing and less beating and banging. It is still a very fast paced race, with laps turning in the low 16 seconds.  But it is a race, not a destuction derby!!!  The tempers still flare and the feelings still get hurt!  As Larry Mc and DW say, “you need to leave your feelings and your temper at the front gate”!! 


With just two races left til the Chase begins, the race teams are feeling the heat.  With positions 6-14 separated by just a few points, those teams really have to step up their game a few notches to secure a spot in the Chase!!  It is time to throw caution to the wind!  If you got something for ’em, it is time to let the big dog eat!!!!