A Grand And Glorious Morning To You!

Waterway by captleon51.
(photo courtesy Leon Hammack)
Once again, ALOHA, from the Hilton Waikoloa Village in Kona, Hawaii!  Home of Mona Loa, the volcanoes, its lava fields, and our 50th state to the Union (circa 1959).
I have just returned from my breakfast scavenge hunt.  I decided to head on over to the Big Island Breakfast at Water’s Edge.  The resort serves a morning breakfast buffet daily from 6:30 am til 1 pm.  My only other choice was to walk about a mile down to the Queen’s Place, a small shopping area for some rather yucky fast food’s attempt at breakfast!  Since I do a lot of fast food normally, it was time for a change!
Let me tell you about my breakfast adventure.  I didn’t bother to get into the shower and get cleaned up before breakfast, I reserve that ordeal for later this morning before I have to jump on the airport van and fly that big beast back to the mainland!  So I put on my island attire, shorts, T-shirt (this time not a NASCAR shirt), and tennis shoes, drug a comb through what is left of my aging hair, and off I go to breakfast.
The walk along the man-made waterway with all the flora and fauna made the stroll very pleasant.  As I got to the walkway that leads to the Big Island Breakfast at Water’s Edge, I stopped to look at the menu.  It was just the buffet this morning…...$26.00!
I thought that I needed my glasses prescription tweaked or something!  I blinked, stared, and rubbed my eyes thinking that would make my vision better.  Again I looked at the menu…………….. it still read $26.00!  What is an is an airline captain supposed to do?????  I mean, after all, our reputation of being a tight ass is definitely in major jeopardy here folks!!
I was at a crossroads in financial layover plans!  I needed help, but to my dismay, there was none to be had.  I thought about “my lifelines” like calling a friend, calling my financial advisor, and calling AAA,( I thought about calling Karen first, but I knew she would say just spend the money)!  But then I just took a deep breath and tried to view the big picture!  I was hungry.  I did have $26.00 in my pocket.  Finally, there is the restuarant!  Now my analytical brain went into “rationale mode”.
It was a tedious and tiring process.  My brain was fighting with itself!  WOW!  Have you ever had that happen to you?  It only lasted about five minutes, but I was spent!
The results of that  “brain fight”, I lost $26.00, had a great breakfast, and now I need a nap!!