DEI back into racing???

(Jeffery Earnhardt  scenedaily photo by Bob Griffin)
There are rumblings in the garage area that DEI ( Dale Earnhardt,Inc.) is putting together a Nationwide program for Jeffery Earnhardt,( Dale, Sr.’s grandson/ Kerry Earnhardt’s son) for up to seven races this season to preserve his rookie status for 2010 season.  DEI is working with a few present Nationwide car owners to make that happen.  Additionally, DEI is spooling up their shop to build their own Nationwide cars for Jeffery to drive for the 2010 season!
DEI still has some presence in the Cup racing scene with their affiliation with Ganassi Racing known as Earnhardt-Ganassi Racing.  In addition to the Ganassi partnership, DEI is involved with an engine program known as Earnhardt-Childress Racing Technologies.
Teresa Earnhardt  has turned over the day to day operations of the Cup racing to her partner, Chip Ganassi.  She has turned over the day to day operations of DEI to DEI Executive Vice President and General Manager Jeffery Steiner. 
Steiner took over the daily operations in April and stated that he has three priorities for the corporation.
1. ” Make sure that we are good stewards of Dale’s legacy.”
2. “Make sure we are managing all our business in a profitable  manner”.
3. “Finding unique opportunities for the Earnhardt family-Jeffery, making sure we give him the best opportunities we can as well as Taylor Earnhardt on the equestrian side”. (scenedaily)
With the information that DEI is going to try to, somehow, make a resurgence into the Nationwide Series with Dale’s grandson, Jeffery Earnhardt as the company “FRANCHISE“, there are unanswered questions. 
1.  DEI had THE FRANCHISE of all of  NASCAR (Dale,Jr.) and SHE (Teresa Earnhardt) let him slip right out of her hands!
2. How productive is this new venture going to really be?
3. Can Jeffery Earnhardt bring the “swagger” back to DEI like they once had?
4.  Is Teresa Earnhardt’s days numbered as the head of the corporation that Dale,Sr. cultivated, nurtured and         shaped its growth ?
The answers are yet to be seen.  But I would assume that there are some changes on the horizon for Dale Earnhardt Inc., good, bad, or indifferent!
What is your take on this?