I’ll Be Home For Christmas…….

Today is December 25, 2009 and I sitting on reserve in the United Airlines operations below the 80’s concourse at LAX.  As is the case in most of my 29 years as an airline pilot, I am not with my family on this most special of holidays.  Fortunately, I will most likely get to Yuma by approximately 4pm today.  So there is a chance of a Christmas dinner in my future!

This holiday, in particular, sparks a dichotomy of feelings within my soul.  Because of my job, I have probably spent far less than half of my 29 years in this business at home for Christmas.  I have missed many things with my two sons growing up then, and now I have missed things with my two grandchildren.

Throughout all of my adult life there has been this particular song that comes to my mind each and every Christmas, as I am out flying people to their family’s holiday gatherings.  The song has been around for many, many years.  It has always brought back pleasant memories from my youth gathering around the family Christmas dinner table.  Even tough the early Christmas gifts and dinners were very spartan, Mom and Dad always somehow made it special!  Thanks Mom and Dad!

So I’ll be home for Christmas, if only in my dreams!

PS  Pop, I will see you in my dreams, I miss you!