…..And Then There Was Two!

Monday evening my sister and I had dinner with Steve Detjen and his lovely bride, Jennifer.  I was back in Fresno for my periodic cardiology appointment, also it was a time to visit with my friends and family.

It was just two weeks ago that I met with Steve Detjen, one of my old college buddies, to celebrate the life of our other good college buddy, Jerry Noblett, who had lost his battle to heart disease.  After the memorial service, we had decided to stay closer in contact with each other.

So I notified Steve that I would be in town at this time, it was agreed to meet for dinner at P.F. Chang’s on Monday at 6pm..

As my sister and I walked into the restaurant, the unmistaken profile of one Steve Detjen was observed at the bar waiting for our entrance, and I might add, sipping a cool beverage!  It had been since Jerry Noblett’s retirement party, 8 years previous, that my sister had seen Steve.

As we three sat at the bar sipping a cool one, waiting for Steve’s wife to join us, we caught up on things.  My sister and Steve caught up on old mutual friends that they both knew from the Madera P.D. and Fresno County Sheriffs Dept.  Within a few minutes Jennifer arrived and we adjourned to the restaurant for some food.

Once we all slipped into our booth, and the pleasantries and re-introductions were over, the four of us exchanged stories.  For me, being a Criminolgy major and a veteran of 1 1/2 years of law school, I was/am quite interested in what is like to hold court.  So I had, and still have, many questions for “her honor”!  Some of her responses and stories were quite enlightening, to say the least.  Jennifer is really a very nice, down to earth woman, quite funny, and a great conversationalist!  Obviously she is way too good for my old buddy, no offense Steve!!!!!!   LOL

Additionally Steve and I re-hashed a few of our most memorable “good times at California State University, Fresno” stories.  Some of them were still live-like in our minds  and conjured up deep laughs and giggles!  One in particular story would be the keystone of my college career, and I still have a very vivid picture in my mind of that event.  Unfortunately, now both my sister and my oldest son also have that same picture of their brother and father!!!  Can we say embarrassing?  Oh well it was the late 60′ and early 70’s, what can I say?

I had a really great evening telling stories about the old days, asking questions and catching up on all those years.  The realization that right before our very eyes we have gone from  a “wide eye innocent teenager ” to a senior citizen still boggles my mind!

Those were the good old days!

For those that really know me will know that I am forever linking life to music.  With the events of the last 3 weeks, it has made me re-live and old song by Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band , “Like A Rock”.  There is some lyrics that occur in the middle of the song that really hits close to home and goes like this:

Twenty years now, where’d they go?

Twenty years, I don’t know.

I sit and I wonder sometimes where they’ve gone.

And sometimes late at night,

oh, when I’m bathed in the firelight,

the moon comes calling in ghostly way and I recall,


Like a rock

So there we were reminiscing over 40 years of lost time, I was wondering “where did the time go”?  Then, I RECALLED!!!

And then there was two!